Why Damp Is Insidious & How To Remove It



Damp, otherwise known as wet mold, is one of the easiest home issues to develop without realizing. This is because it favors environments that are compressed, poorly ventilated, and it can grow in a very short amount of time. There are also times during the year where this might become more insidious. For example, during the winter months when your internal heating is on, if you do not ventilate correctly you will likely find the moisture staying in the room, and attaching and growing to this bacterial malady.


Damp can cause many health issues, as the bacterial spores grow and can poison us over time with a wide range of ill effects. For this reason, it’s important to stay observant of your property and remove the damp whenever it shows its face. There are ways you can do this. We’d suggest the following:


It’s Hidden


Damp can occur in a range of places and for a range of reasons. Often it’s due to a lack of ventilation, but it can also occur in high moisture environments with good ventilation. Sometimes simple water leakages can contribute to it. Usually, it will be in basements, or at the bottom of wallpapered walls. Often it will also occur in your bathroom, but usually in hidden areas behind cupboards and sinks. For this reason, it’s important to observe the hidden areas of your home often to catch this early. You can then use mold services from Bactronix to clean out the area, and enact methods that prevent it from occurring once more.


It’s An Irritant


Unfortunately, damp spores will then often lead to irritants. If you have infants, these spores can even put them in the hospital. These growths will emit spores of bacteria in order to spread themselves and grow, and that can become a catalyst for lung or skin irritation, or infections further down the line. It’s highly likely that you’re not interested in contracting any of these health issues, which can get more insidious over time. In kitchens, this can also affect all of your food in very unhealthy and relatively destructive ways. That’s no fun for anyone, so ensuring you keep this taken care of can help you in the maximum and most essential sense.


It’s An Electrical Hazard


Damp and mold is moisture. For electrical outlets, this can prove very hazardous. As the wall retains moisture, it can drip, and if you keep an electrical socket underneath, it can penetrate the box. That means that the next time your socket is switched on, it can flip your circuit breaker, which is never healthy. At worst it can lead to an electrical fire, which of course is much more concerning and something to always safeguard against. You might consider the placement of your electrical sockets if possible, or simply know how to enact remedies should you fail to inspect the damp in time.


With these tips, you can be sure to understand the importance of removing damp, how to observe it, and what the dangers are.

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