When it Comes to Home Improvement, Less is More

When it comes to our homes, we usually think regarding its overall style and design, yet making sure this is as good as possible isn’t just a matter of picking furniture and wallpaper: the style will also be heavily influenced by the feel of the house. Our homes are supposed to be relaxing spaces, and we can’t sink into those deep comforts if they’re overly cluttered or untidy. As such, it’s best to adopt a ‘less is more’ approach to our properties. It’s essentially about taking the minimalist approach, one that will make our homes feel more inviting and conducive to the mind – and look good, too.


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Tidy Up


It’s easy, in day to day life, to be content with doing the bare minimum of tidying and cleaning. During the weekdays, we’re rushing to and from work, and who wants to spend all their time keeping their house in order one that workday is finished? There’s a timesaving method that will make your home look great and make it more relaxing at the same time: doing one deep clean every few months. From there, you’ll just need to tidy up after yourself as you go along. One day long cleaning session is better than multiple “that’ll do” approaches!


Only the Essentials


Of course, it’s easier to keep everything in check when you don’t have all that much stuff to begin with. We’re all guilty of buying more things than we need, and we have to put them all somewhere! Take a look at your property, and see what you really need to have, and what you don’t. For the bulky stuff that you only use occasionally, take a look at storage units, and keep them there until needed. For the things that you don’t think you’ll ever use again, give it away to a charity shop or sell it online.


Get Smart with Storage


There’ll be some things that you do need on a daily basis, but which don’t have to be on display. To keep these things out of sight, look at adding some smart storage options for the home. There are plenty of innovative, creative ways to incorporate more storage into the home; for example, under the stairs, or in the dead spaces underneath tables. You’ll have everything you need within easy grabbing distance, but crucially, you won’t have to spend all day looking at them.


Sprinkled Decoration


While your general approach should be “less is more,” that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the decoration. Even if you’re going for the hyper-minimalist look, make sure you’re adding a piece of decoration or two to the walls. A work of art, for example, can really bring a room to life, and will prevent it from looking too plain.


Don’t Let Things Creep Back In


You’ve done the hard work, now make sure it stays that way! Try to avoid the old, bad habits from creeping their way back in, and you’ll have that beautiful minimalist home for a long time.

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  1. Less is more! My husband always tells me that. I love the idea of storing things under the table. It will be out of the way but still within my reach.

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