Welcome Home: Making Your Property as Inviting as Possible

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Home is the best place in the world- going out and having adventures is great, but there’s nothing quite like coming home and getting into your own bed at the end of it. If you’ve had a rough day at work or something in life isn’t going your way, home is a place to rest, relax and recuperate and it should always feel like the safest and cosiest place in the world. If your home isn’t up to scratch or you dread coming back because it’s in need of work doing, don’t put this off. We all deserve a place where we feel truly happy and comfortable, and by investing in your home you’re investing in yourself. Here are some of the ways you can make it more inviting, both for guests and for yourself!


Know where to spend money

Kitting out a home from scratch can be costly, and so buying everything brand new and high end won’t be an option for everyone. There are plenty of places you can make savings- wooden furniture can often be found for cheap or free and be recycled to your own specifications. There are lots of bargains on places like ebay, and you can buy homewares in supermarkets and even pound shops without spending much at all. However it’s worth knowing where to spend the money. Your sofa and mattress are both big purchases where you should consider spending more- these will stand the test of time and stay comfier for longer. A good dining table is another investment, as is things like high quality lined curtains. These will look sumptuous while keeping out light and draughts- something cheaper curtains will struggle to do. If you make savings in some areas and splash out in others you can create a home that fits within your budget and works for you.


Make it light, airy and spacious

We might not all live in enormous homes, but we can make the most of the space we have to make it feel light and pleasant. Get as much light in as possible coming in, you could look into replacement window ideas or just switch up the curtains or blinds you currently have up. Strip off fussy, patterned wallpaper and get rid of bold colours- and paint your walls in a light neutral instead. This will bounce the light around, and create a perfect blank canvas for everything else you have in your rooms. You could always add colour and personality with your furnishings and accessories, but by keeping the walls plain and light you make any space look classy as well as giving the appearance that it’s more spacious than it is. This works for large and small rooms, and for any room in the home.


Find the right storage

Clutter and mess can quickly bring down the look of a home. It’s easy to accumulate, at the end of the day we don’t live in show homes and our properties are a place for us to come and go, take things, leave things and over the week it can start looking untidy. One way to combat this is to find the right storage, systems that work so that everything has a place. From coat hooks and shoe racks in your downstairs cupboard to toy storage in the living room. Ottomans work well for this, not only do they look and function like a regular piece of furniture but the hollow inside makes a great place to stash away toys that kids leave strewn in the living room. In the bedroom, make sure you have a drawer or cupboard for everything that needs to be put away, things like drawer dividers, storage bins and baskets all work well for keeping smaller items separate and organised.


Make it personal

The trick to making a home personal is to find the balance. You want to go with quality over quantity, choose pieces that are meaningful and reflect you without adding lots of clutter. Some framed photos, candles, a vase of flowers, living plants and decorative ornaments from your travels are all examples of things you could add. It makes the place look homely, welcoming and inviting but without adding lots of fussy clutter. One tip is to only display items that are bigger than a grapefruit since other things can look messy and lost. You could also group similar items together or a tray and display this on a sideboard or coffee table.


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