The perfect drinking game for any occasion! For starts you will need a deck of cards, a beer (Dr. Pepper would be just fine) can and a lot of people! After you have everything you need you will want to spread the deck of cards facing down (after you mix them up) with the can of choice in the middle. One player will pick one card at a time. Below is a list of actions you will need to take after you have drawn the card.

Ace – WATERFALL. Everyone will need to drink for as long as the person who drew the card drinks.
2 – is YOU. Person who drew the car will choose someone to drink with
3 – is ME. Person who drew the card will need to drink
4 – is WHORES. Ladies will need to drink to this one
5 – is NEVER HAVE I EVER. You will need to hold up five fingers and play “Never have I ever” and the person who puts gets out first will need to drink
6 – is DICKS. Guys this is your turn to drink
7 – is HEAVEN. The last person to touch the table then raise their hands will need to drink
8 – is MATE. The person who drew a card will pick someone to drink with
9 – is RHYME. The person who drew the card will pick a word everyone should rhyme with. Whoever cannot think of something or takes too long to answer will have to drink.
10 – is CATAGORIES. The person who drew the card will pick a category (cars, dogs, etc.) and everyone will have to say something pertaining to the category.
Jack – is RULES. This person will be able to make any rule and you must follow it till the end of the game or until there is another jack drawn with a different rule.
Queen – is QUESTION MASTER. If anyone answers a question by this person they will have to drink. However, they can respond with a question themselves.
Kings – is CAPTION DICK HEAD. The person who drew this card can make anyone drink at any time.

This game is a great game to pass the time with. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on it. 😊

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