Time Saving Tips for Parents

Until I am measured

I am not known,

Yet how you miss me

When I have flown.


The answer? Time. Something we always need more of, and you can’t buy it, you can’t hope for it, you just have to make other areas of your life more efficient and create it. Interested? Here are a few tips that will speed up some of the things you do and make you more productive in other areas.


Pre-sort your laundry. When you have a few people under one roof, the laundry pile can end up in one big heap of multicolored mess. The key to tackling and saving time is the pre-sort. This one needs a bit of a cash investment; you’re going to need two small hampers per bedroom or laundry space. One for darks and one for lights. It is that simple.

Photo by Andy Fitzsimon on Unsplash


Pre-make breakfast. It doesn’t matter if it’s porridge or a morning shake. Spend the evening before getting it all prepped. In one large bowl add your oats and liquids (almond milk, cow milk, yogurt) and mix in some fruit. Remember that bananas will brown but will taste just the same. In the morning you can heat or serve as is. And the best thing? The oats will soak up the liquids and flavor and be a much more filling breakfast. Really keeping you full till lunchtime. Speaking of porridge, skip the hobs and pots and use a countertop microwave to heat it up – it’s so much faster.


Start a ‘weekend box.’ This is basically a box that clutter and ‘stuff’ goes in to throughout the week, and you can allocate some time at the weekend to fixing. How does this save time? It stops you taking minutes each day putting it all away. Because this is what will happen, you find a dolly, so you head to your kids’ room to put it away, on the way up there you find a t-shirt of your sons, so you will put them both away. When you get into the room, you notice it needs a hoover, so you head to get the hoover, and while you’re getting the hoover you notice… and so it goes you spend 3 hours going back and forth because you wanted to put a dolly away.


Plan your meals on a weekly basis. Sit down each week and write a menu out, when you go grocery shopping, stick to the list and you will save money and time. When we head to the supermarket without a list, we become overloaded with options, it is a paradox of choice, at a certain point you have too many choices – and you’ll just buy whatever. Then, each evening when it comes to cooking the dinner, you’ll spend ages looking through everything you just purchased and using your mental recipe Rolodex to come up with something.


Time is a premium resource that many parents really find runs away from them, and are also the people who really need to make the most of it.


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