The Moments & Mayhem: Coping With The First Couple Of Months Of Your Baby’s Life



The first couple of months of your baby’s birth are one of the most challenging periods of anybody’s life. And while you can read up on subjects to prepare yourself, nothing will truly get you ready than experiencing it first-hand. In essence, the first couple of months are all about survival. You can learn some of the basics, but a lot of it is down to you. But what can you prepare for to ensure a smooth couple of months as possible?

Lack Of Sleep

Yes, it’s a cliché that you will not sleep much. On the other hand, you might have a baby that sleeps through as soon as they’re born, but not when they get a bit older. Either way, preparing yourself for a lack of sleep is one of the things you can  do to ready yourself. If you are someone who is cranky if you don’t get your eight hours, it might be time to acclimatize yourself to a lack of sleep. Or at the very least, get up in the middle of the night and see how it feels.

Having More Than The Adequate Essentials

Your baby is going to make much more mess than you think. When it comes to baby clothes, the temptation is to go for the cute girlie newborn clothes and go overboard on these because they look so nice. While it’s nice to get a couple of good-looking outfits, at the very beginning, the essentials are baby grows, and lots of them! Be sure you have enough muslin cloths, diapers and wipes, and prepare yourself for baby illnesses, such as colic, as well as an abundance of bottles and a sterilizer.

Coping With Noise

If you’re someone who likes peace and quiet, prepare to have your quiet time shattered. If you can’t bear loud noises, you might find it difficult at the very outset. You could try and cope with the situation by having earplugs, but believe it or not, it won’t feel as ear piercing as you think. Because it’s your child and you care about them to the moon and back, this is the overriding feeling when you’re trying to get them to sleep.

Put Off Your Life For A Couple Of Months

If you’re used to going out on a regular basis, you might find this a big shock to the system. For the very first couple of months, you are going to be indoors more than anything. Yes, getting out and about is essential, for your own sanity, but it’s important to focus on surviving the first couple of months. This means ensuring you’ve got enough coffee in the house, having the Netflix remote nearby, and clearly defining your space on the couch for you and the baby. As drastic as this sounds, it’s certainly the best approach to coping with the first few weeks and months when you’re trying to find your feet. Remember, you’ve been through a lot so don’t feel like you have to rush back into life. Take the time to truly savor these moments with your newborn child.

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