That’s The Last Drop!

There is a moment that many homeowners get to experience: It’s when everything goes wrong. You found the house of your dreams, and upon moving in, you suddenly come to realize that things are not as rosy as they first appeared. Did you know that the most commonly overlooked issues that frustrate new home-buyers are water-related? Indeed, there is more than one water risk in your property. If you haven’t booked a house survey before the purchase, you might find yourself wondering if you’ve made a great deal when you signed the contract. Relax. Your water problems have a solution. More often than not, you can get things fixed in no time if you can find the right expert for the job.

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You can’t get rid of the musty smell

You’ve tried a variety of house fragrance and diffusers, but you still can’t get rid of the musty smell. Your efforts to locate mold in your property have been vain; the kitchen sink and the bathroom are clean. Before you log into your Amazon account to order a new diffuser, you might want to check with mold experts such as to not only identify the source of the problem but also remediate to it. Mold can hide in a variety of areas; such as just beneath your roof insulation if there’s a slight leakage or within the wall if you’re struggling with rusty plumbing pipes.


It’s raining inside your home

There’s nothing more peaceful than watching the rainfall when you’re cozied up indoors, clasping a cup of tea and chatting with a friend. The sound of rainfall is soothing to the mind, except when your home isn’t as waterproof as you thought. When it’s raining indoors, the first sight of a dark cloud can give you a cold sweat. How can you spot rain infiltration before it’s too late? You might notice a cold breeze from your upstairs area, which is a sign that either you left a window open on a rainy night or your roof leaks. Small puddles are likely to form underneath the source of the leak. An insulation expert can help you sort out the issue.


Nobody told you about the limescale

You were not aware of the extent of the limescale problem when you bought the house. Within a few weeks, you’ve noticed a white deposit on your shower head and taps. If you let limescale buildup accumulate in your plumbing systems, it can also damage your pipes, as explained here The best thing you can do is to install a water softener that can protect your pipes by removing all the minerals.


Everything is clean, but there’s still no water pressure

There’s so little pressure that washing your hair takes ages. Some cities don’t boost the pressure so that depending on your location, you might struggle with a pressure of less than 40 psi. If you’ve made sure the problem is not linked to your plumbing or appliances, the next step is to install a pressure booster. A certified plumber can help you to get the right setting for your home.


Don’t lose your cool over water. Whether mold, leak, limescale, or low water pressure, there is always a way around your problem. Ultimately, becoming a homeowner is a challenging journey that will teach you to address home-related issues rapidly and effectively. It’s a learning process, after all!


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