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Glamorous Garden With Little Effort



Sitting in your garden as the warm evening sun plays patterns over your skin, is the best way to end any day. It’s relaxing and relieves any of that built up stress that you may have been carrying around with you earlier at work. The only thing is, what if you don’t have the kind of garden that you see in the movies. A preconceived idea is that you either have a pretty backyard, or you don’t, but that isn’t the case at all. You need to work for it in order to maintain it’s good looks. If you start to get lazy and let it do what it wants, it will become an overgrown mess that looks more like a swamp than any secret sanctuary.


But what if you just don’t have the time? Not all of us are able to spend a good few hours every week pruning and snipping and pulling. So how do we still get our glamours garden?

Well, the key is to focus on additions that don’t need constant care and attention.


Here are a couple of examples.



A lot of people will think that getting a tree will not only be extremely expensive, but a lot of work too, but this isn’t always the case. There are many different varieties that need very little in order to grow and flourish. As long as they have direct access to the sun and a little bit of water here and there, they will be absolutely fine. Take flowering pear trees, for example, these come with a stunning array of flowers that change colour as the season moves, and they barely need any looking after. They are even very resilient to different weather and even fire, so if you live in an area where it overheats a lot and is prone to fires, you won’t need to worry about this catching.



Water is the perfect way to bring different elements together. Get swimming pool out of your head though, and think more about a bird bath or a water feature. The size you decide on going all depends on how much room you have to play with. You could choose a big extravagant waterfall feature to flow right in the center, or just a small place for the birds to come and wash themselves, while other wildlife appears too, like dragonflies and butterflies. In terms of making sure its clean, all you need to do it refill it with a water here and there. And if you have a feature that moves, it will already have a built-in filter that cleans the water as it goes.

So as you can see, these are only two examples, but they are highly effective and can change the total look of a garden within a matter of seconds, as well as improving the environment because it gives animals a place to come to find shelter, food, and comfort. And that alone is playing a big part in living a green and friendly life.

What Is Hard Water?


If you have ever been to another country or another region in your own country,you may have come across the term hard water. It is normally used to describe water which we aren’t used to or which tastes different than what we are accustomed to at home,but what actually is it? No doubt your customers have heard of hard water. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they understand it and what to do about it. Here’s some information that may help you address common customer questions:

hard water isn’t just a term used in Plumbing, it is a way to describe water which has a high volume of minerals dissolved inside it compared to normal filtered water. Most of the time hard water will have a high percentage of both magnesium and calcium inside, as well as other minerals. The measurement of hard water is done in grains per gallon, and you will be able to see the basic scale here:


Soft < 1
Slightly Hard 1.0 – 3.5
Moderately Hard 3.5 – 7.0
Hard 7.0 – 10.5
Very Hard > 10.5

Although you may be a little skeptical about drinking water which is full of minerals and metals, it isn’t dangerous for our bodies. The main issues you will likely face in the presence of hard water is the feeling of never quite being clean. When you wash your hands or your body with hard water it can feel as though a film is left on your body afterwards. This can also affect and glasses and other kitchen equipment you wash. If you drank a glass of water and then left the glass on the side for a few hours, you will be able to see the white sediment at the bottom of the glass.


How do you know if you have it?


To find out whether or not you have hard water in your home, you will need to investigate your home in more detail to see if you spot anything odd. For example, hard water causes colored clothes to fade more quickly when washed, they can also cause a lot of scale to form around your faucets. It is worth checking all of this before you test the water. Once you have tested the water and found out it is hard, you can sure a water softener in your home to co act the effects.


What is water softener?


Water softener is used to remove the minerals from your water and therefore reduce its grains per gallon. It can be installed near to your main water line and then it will work to remove the grains from the water which enters your home. The water softener consists of a resin tank and a brine tank which work together to soften your water. By using this you will purify the water which enters your home and therefore you will be much less likely to suffer any of these small effects from using water in your home.

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