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Your Home Throwing Money Down the Drain? It’s Time to Get Savvy!

The cost of running a household never ceases to amaze you. From the monthly utility bills to the weekly grocery shop, there is a never ending list of expenses to fork out. Whether you’re moving to a new home and want to save some money or you want to revamp your current lifestyle, you might be able to cut back on costs in more ways than you think. When you make a few minor adjustments to your home, you would be surprised at the positive impact it can have on your finances. Check out some of the following ideas that will prevent you from throwing money down the drain!



Switch Your Energy Supplier


From the moment you moved into your house, you always assumed your energy bills would be accurate and honest. You might have believed that energy rates are the same across the board, but suppliers can be cheeky about the way they portray the costs to you. Look into Reliant Energy and you will be surprised at how much you can save on your monthly electricity bills. Every household will have completely different needs so make sure you find a deal that works for you.


Don’t Be Wasteful With Water


All of us can be guilty of taking our water supply for granted, you just turn on the tap and it’s there to be used freely right? The truth is, you could be saving a tonne of money on a monthly basis by being more conscious of your water usage. You can do things such as install five minute shower timers and use a flushing device in the back of your toilet to reduce the amount of waste. These simple adjustments are by no means life changing, but they will stop you from throwing money away unnecessarily.


Get Smarter With Shopping


How much do you spend every month on your food shopping? It’s normal for your bills to fluctuate depending on your circumstances, but you might be paying more than you should. Lowering your grocery bill doesn’t need to be difficult; all you need to do is a little extra planning and preparation so you aren’t wasting food. If your fridge is full to the brim of out of date salads, fruits and vegetables then why not shop for fresh produce less frequently? Create a weekly menu and only buy the ingredients that are absolutely necessary. This will save you money in the long run and reduce your waste. Vegetables, grains, beans and rice are super cheap at the supermarket, so fill your diet with these healthy and protein rich ingredients.


Whether you’re cutting down on your energy bills or reducing the amount of water you use, there are so many ways to make your home cheaper to run. You shouldn’t have to experience sky high bills and overwhelming costs in your day to day life. As long as you are willing to make a few small changes, your bank balance will be grateful in the long run!

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How to Save Money On Car Insurance With Safe Driving Courses

Knowing how to drive is a very important skill, but unfortunately driving comes with some added costs. Outside of the costs of a car itself, you also need insurance. This can really hit your family budget hard, especially if you have multiple cars and multiple drivers. One way you can save money on car insurance is through safe driving courses. Attending traffic school tells an insurer that you are serious about driving safely and you know how to do it.

Don’t just book yourself into safe driving courses hoping to get better insurance though, as not every insurer – or indeed state – provide discounts for attending traffic school.  You should also find out what the discount is, to make sure that it would be worth paying the costs of attending a driving class.

Does Attending Driving School Decrease Car Insurance Rates?

If you are attending a state-sponsored driving school, then there’s a good chance you can get a discount on your insurance. This isn’t guaranteed though. You should still ask your agent if they would offer you a discount. They may be willing to offer different discounts, such as homeowner discounts, safe driver discounts, and good student discounts. They may not ask you or bring these discounts to your attention, so you have to be sure to ask them.

Will Attending Driving School Reduce Insurance for Teen Drivers?

If you have a teenager that is coming up on driving age, you might be worried about the cost of adding them to your insurance. Teenagers are the most expensive group of people to insure because their inexperience makes them more likely to have an accident.

One way parents can offset these costs is to make their teen attend traffic school. There was a time when parents would be solely responsible for teaching their children to drive, but now teens are able to take driving classes from qualified instructors at high school. Even if they can’t attend driver’s ed at school, they should be able to find a good driving school.

These education courses are so great because they teach learners defensive driving techniques that help them drive better and avoid accidents. After they take – and pass – an education course, their parent can ask for a car insurance discount.

Does Attending Driving School Decrease Car Insurance Rates in my State?

There aren’t any laws that mandate the discounts an insurance company has to offer for any state. Whether you get a discount, and how much is discounted, depends entirely on your insurer. Be sure to ask them outright if you qualify for a discount by going on a driving course. There’s no harm in asking, and it could be the only way you ever find out. They can also tell you about any other ways you can keep your vehicles and family protected.

What Other Discounts can Drivers Get?

Car insurance companies will generally offer a range of discounts to customers. No matter what, you should find that you can get at least some kind of discount if you ask.

The most common discounts available are multi-policy discounts, accident-free discounts, multi-car discounts, long-term policyholder discounts, good student discounts, car safety discounts, and anti-theft discounts.

Most drivers will qualify for anti-theft and car safety discounts as safety features are standard with just about every new car. Having car alarms, anti-lock brakes, seatbelts, and airbags can all qualify you for a potential discount in your car insurance.

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My New Obsession!!

My new obsessions!!

Two of my favorite things in one: coffee and saving money! Normally I would make my weekly round to spoil myself with Starbucks. I would always cringe when I would have to pay over 6 dollars for a Starbucks drink but I would tell myself “Hannah you are worth it. Treat yo self”. Well, today while making my rounds in Victoria (the city that has Starbucks in) I realized I would not have time for my Starbucks. What how could I do this with myself. Coffee is like. Starbucks is life.

I feel like that all changed when I walked into The Kahve. Holy crap it was cute, from the chalkboard menu to the decorations on the wall. It was love at first sight. I was excited, I waited patiently in line and ordered a cinnamon coffee. The Kahve is kind of like Starbucks, but a lot cheaper and in my personal opinion as good. My cinnamon coffee was to die for and only THREE DOLLARS. I repeat THREE DOLLARS. Why have I never gone to this cute little coffee shop before?? I didn’t even know a store would compare to the amazing Starbucks but I guess The Khave does. The Khave is great, cheap, and definitely, somewhere I will be returning.

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