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Renovation Ideas That Could Make Your Abode Feel Like A Comfy Showhome

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As homeowners, we want the best of both worlds. We want a home that looks stylish but feels comfortable. When you look around a showhome, you might appreciate the design but miss the warmth that comes with a house that you can actually call your own. With your own home, however, you might feel that it doesn’t quite have the design you want. Its appearance might be a little shabby. And the aesthetic of your property actually has a big effect on how comfortable you feel. So, the level of style and the level of comfort in your household are linked. Understanding this, here are some renovation ideas that could make your abode feel like a comfy showhome.


An improved exterior design.

Let’s start by improving the outside of your home. So many homeowners neglect the exterior design of their properties, but the way your house looks on the outside has a big effect on how you feel. A stylish interior might be overshadowed by a shabby exterior, so you should start your renovation process by fixing up the outer appearance of your humble abode. You could start by getting some replacement windows. This could make your property look brand new again. Windows serve a practical purpose, but they also affect the interior and exterior aesthetic of your house.


You should also make your back garden feel relaxing and welcoming. View it as an outdoor living room. That’s a good way to encourage you to spruce up this area. You could get some pretty lighting for your garden to keep it well-lit during the evening. You should also consider creating a comfortable patio area. You could spruce it up with an awning, some cushioned seats, and a dining table. That way, you and your family could have lovely meals on warm summer evenings. You could even invite guests and host gatherings.


Put your rooms to better use.

Does your house feel small? You might simply be cluttering rooms with unnecessary things. It might be time for a clear-out. Selling things at a yard sale or online could raise money for any renovation projects you have planned, but giving things away to charity can be a rewarding way to declutter your household, too. The point is that you might be hoarding things you don’t really want or need anymore. By clearing out the clutter in your home, you could put each room to better use. If rooms still feel cramped or untidy after decluttering, you could also improve your storage options. Put up more shelves on the walls, buy dual-purpose furniture with storage compartments, and get storage boxes to keep under your bed. You’ll have a minimalistic and welcoming design, but you’ll also feel much more comfortable.


Use more natural materials.

You should also use more natural materials in your abode if you want to improve its style and level of comfort. Nature doesn’t go out of style, so this is a worthwhile renovation idea. You might want to replace your carpets with wooden flooring, for example. This would give your household a more sophisticated and fashionable design. If you miss the comfort of carpet beneath your feet, you could always get some trendy rugs for each room.

A Dream Bedroom For Insomniacs?

Not long ago, we spoke about a few of the ways you can achieve bedroom perfection in your home. For those who don’t have any specific bedtime troubles, this is a surefire way to the bedroom they’ve been dreaming off. After all, who could sniff at perfection?

But, for those who suffer from insomnia, what’s considered perfect for other people may not quite cut it. Nothing’s worse than laying in bed staring at the ceiling, and the ‘perfect’ decor choices aren’t going to help. Heck, it’s unlikely you’ll even get the chance to see them in the dark!

But, hope isn’t lost. There’s actually plenty you can do within your bedroom to ease your insomnia. And, we’re going to look at three additions you might want to focus on for a good night’s sleep.

A bed which screams comfort

The state of your sleep pattern doesn’t change the fact that your bed is the main focus here. The clue is in the name. But, instead of focusing on a stylish bed frame, focus your attention on the comfort of its contents. This means spending your time picking memory foam mattresses and feather-filled pillows. It’s also worth investing in a light duvet which doesn’t stifle you. By investing in a sexy duvet set, you can still stay stylish. But, you can also make sure your bed is so comfortable even you can’t resist slipping between its sheets.


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Cool it down

While poor temperature control is rarely a cause of insomnia, it doesn’t help. Even if you manage to drift off, you’re sure to wake up if you overheat. Sadly, bedrooms are prone to get a little stifling. As such, it’s worth turning your attention to a few things which can cool the room. There’s no need to worry about compromising appearance here, either. The installation of a fan on your light fitting is sure to look fantastic and fulfill this purpose. Or, you could go all out with air conditioning and a vent cover in keeping with your design. In no time, you’ll find that staying asleep is much easier. Once these systems are in place, there’s no reason you can’t welcome night-long sleeps into your life. Even if you experience issues down the line, fixing them is as easy as finding an ac repair near you. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t think temperature is a problem, something like this is sure to show you otherwise.

Turn the lights off once and for all

While temperature itself rarely causes insomnia, light definitely does. If there are lamp posts outside your window, is it any surprise you struggle getting to sleep? Your poor mind likely thinks it’s daytime all the time. But, blackout blinds prove an easy solution to the issue. Blinds are fantastic in a stylish space anyway. Their sleek appearance is sure to match the rest of your room. What’s more, with these in place you can finally put the lights out once and for all.

What Is Your Home Doing For Your Stress Levels?

Stress is for many a daily issue, and something which can seem practically endless. This is a normal part of modern living for too many people, and anything which we can do to try and combat it is definitely going to be a wise move. As it happens, one of the first places we should look in that quest is the home, as the home can actually cause you a great deal of stress without you even being aware of it. At the same time, if you know what you are doing, the home can also be used as a way of reducing stress, so that’s why it is clearly worth looking into. What is your home currently doing for your stress levels, and what can you do to improve the situation?

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The more comfortable a home is, the more easily the occupants can relax and unwind, which in turn will mean far less stress in your life. But if you look around your home, you might find that there are many things which are not actually adding to the comfort levels, and those are the kinds of things you will need to focus on first in order to improve the comfortability in the home. It’s a good idea to start with the living room, as this is where most people will try to unwind after a hard day at work. You should aim to have a variety of comfortable items in the living room, as it is having different kind of comfort which really seals the deal here. Be sure that everyone is likely to find the space comfortable, and you will be doing wonders for everyone’s stress levels.


The bedroom is another important place for ensuring comfort, and actually maybe even more so, for if you are not getting much sleep it is unlikely that you will be able to handle stress very well. If you are honest, how comfortable is your bed at the moment? If you think you could probably do with it being a little more comfortable, then you should consider investing in some new bedding, maybe even a new mattress if it comes down to it. You should also make sure that the light levels, sound levels and temperature are at good levels in the bedroom so that sleep is much more likely to come. As long as you are comfortable and getting sleep, you will b much less stressed, and your home will b such a nicer place to live in.

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One of the more subtle things which affect your stress levels is temperature. If you fail to be able to control the temperature, or it is routinely too hot or too cold, then it will have an effect on how you feel. One of the quickest ways to stress anyone out is to make them too warm without a way of solving the situation, so if you are always finding this happening in your home then you should try to find a way to be able to control the temperature better. Thankfully, modern homes with central heating often make this pretty simple, but you might want to go for something even more specific to each room if it is a particular problem for you. And in warm climates, it is definitely a good idea to try and install some decent air conditioning, especially in communal areas and bedrooms, so that everyone can keep cool when necessary. The temperature can have a surprisingly profound effect on your stress levels, so it’s a good idea to try and get to the bottom of this as early as you can.


Air Quality


What’s in the air you breathe? It’s no great surprise that what is in your hair at home could be affecting your stress levels, for it is likely that it is also having a larger effect on your overall health. What’s more, this is never going to be one of the first things you think about, simply for the fact that you can’t see it, and it can be hard to fully appreciate what the air quality is actually doing to you. But it’s [pretty simple once you look into it: the less pure and clear the air is, the more toxins you are breathing in, and the more stress you are likely to be experiencing while you are in the home trying to relax.


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So the question is: what can you do about air which is not clean and pure? The answer is so simple that it’s amazing more people don’t know about it. You can easily get hold of air purifiers, which work to remove any impurities and dust and other things from the air, leaving you with fresher, easier-breathing air every day. These are easy to come by, more to the point, and you can usually find a great review of the GermGuardian AC4825 or similar to get you started, so that you know you are going for the right model. With an air purifier in your home, you will be able to breathe more easily, and your stress will absolutely reduce significantly – and fast.



There is mounting evidence that using screens for too often each day has a direct effect on your stress levels. Certain websites in particular might even cause more anxiety and stress, in particular social media such as Twitter and Facebook. But what this means in your home is that you should try to reduce the amount of screens you have around the place. Most homes will have at least one television, maybe even more, and a number of computers, tablets and smartphones. If you can keep this number to a bare minimum, you will find it reduces the amount of stress you feel every day of your life. It will be an effective way to make your home much more peaceful and less stressful, and it will enable you to feel happier with your home life on the whole. It’s definitely worth reducing your screens.

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