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It’s Time to Give Your Bathroom a Little TLC

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We tend to spend a whole lot of time focusing on interior design in our homes. This isn’t all too surprising. Our properties tend to be the biggest and most expensive purchase that we make in our lives, so we’re bound to want to make sure that they are aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. But when it comes to interior design, the majority of us tend to lay focus on certain rooms over others. Sure, we might want to lay particular emphasis on making sure our bedroom or our lounge is perfect. We spend a lot of time in these rooms. But it’s important that you take every single aspect of your home into account when it comes to creating a haven that is beautiful in its entirety. After all, you want your entire property to tie together and you don’t want any space to drag the overall picture down. One room that we tend to neglect in particular is the bathroom. So, let’s focus on that for now!


Vanities and Cabinets


Every bathroom should have some sort of vanity or cabinet. To start with, these look great. They are one of the few pieces of furniture that we can reasonably incorporate into our bathroom and they hold a whole lot of design potential. This could be what really sets a tone for this space. Secondly, they are essential when it comes to storage space. Cabinets can be used to keep your toiletries, spare toilet rolls, cleaning products… whatever you need to make your bathroom a space that is clean and easy to use. So, browse a selection at Bathroom Supply Store and start creating a great centerpiece for your space.


The Bath


The majority of us make the mistake of assuming that the bath our bathroom comes with is the bath that we have to accept and that is here to stay. But this really isn’t the case. Sure, having a new bath fitted isn’t necessarily the easiest or most straightforward home renovation. You will have to get plumbers in to ensure that pipes are connected as they should be and to ensure that there is a working water supply to the faucets. But it really can be worth it. Consider the huge variety of styles out there. Claw foot baths are extremely appealing. As are larger baths that really let you stretch out!




Bathrooms tend to be relatively neutral spaces. Because the rooms tend to be relatively small in comparison to other spaces in our home, we tend to be reluctant to paint the walls bolder colours, as we don’t want to minimise the appearance of the room. Windows also tend to be smaller or have blinds drawn, so we also generally opt for lighter colours. But accessories can be used to add a touch of colour or to create a colour scheme. These could include towels, shower curtains, or bath mats.


While bathrooms might not initially seem to have much design potential, they really do. So, it’s time to give them a little TLC!

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What Makes a Dream Bathroom?


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The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms of the house to give a complete makeover. But before you do so, you should think about the task in hand carefully. After all, it is likely that you will be spending a lot of money on this project, and you want to make sure that it goes well and you don’t have to make any costly changes in the future. Here, we are going to provide you with a few handy pieces of advice when it comes to answering the questions: what makes a dream bathroom?


Consider Practicality First


Before your mind gets carried away with thoughts of how your bathroom will look, you need to think about practicality first of all. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom serves a number of practical purposes, and if it doesn’t function well, you and the whole family are going to notice. The triangle of the sink, bathtub and toilet need to be spaced apart adequately, and you should also make sure that you have plenty of storage space as this will make your life so much easier. Obviously, plumbing considerations will play a major role here, so it is important to consult with your contractor. Sketch out plans and measure everything properly to ensure that you don’t end up with difficulties further down the line.


Make it Like a Spa


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Once you have thought through the practical considerations of putting a new bathroom in place, the time has come to think about how you make it relaxing. After all, the bathroom is the one room of the house that you should be allowed to enjoy total privacy. Think about a spa and the lengths that they go to in order to make it a serene and care-free environment. Use this as inspiration when you are creating your own bathroom space.


Plan for Little Luxuries


As well as the big details in your bathroom, you should also closely consider the smaller ones. For example, perhaps you would like a steam room, heated towel rails or built-in storage for your linens. The time to think about these luxuries is now as they are inevitably going to be so much more challenging to incorporate into your bathroom in the future.


Choose a Motif


Next up, the time has come to choose a motif for your bathroom. Everything depends on the impression that you are trying to create. Perhaps you are wanting to create a formal look with a black-and-white scheme. Otherwise, you may be looking to give off a more casual atmosphere with some neutrals. Many of the most popular bathroom motifs are obviously water-oriented with blue and sandy shades mixed with decoration such as seashells, boats, fish and piers. Of course, water themes aren’t your only options, so why not trying thinking outside the box a little more? Maybe you could select a motif which is related to the area in which you live, a style of architecture which you are particularly passionate about or simply a design that catches your eye when you are browsing through home interior magazines. Most of the time, bathroom motifs are fairly simple and elegant in their design.


Understand Your Surfaces


When you are selecting the materials for your bathroom such as the bath, sink, floor and countertops, make sure that you know the qualities and drawbacks of each material that you could possibly choose. Check out this company for a range of possible options and advice to help you solve this dilemma. For example, is the marble or tile able to withstand some heavy wear and tear? Are you looking for flooring that gives off a bit of a shine? It is worth remembering that shiny floors have a tendency to become more slippery while natural materials with a pitted surface will be more slip-resistant. On the downside, they are more likely to collect dirt and will be more difficult to clean.


Scene-Setting and Dramatic Fixtures


Any plumbing features in your bathroom are bound to stand out as they are metallic and will add a dramatic effect to any room in which they are included. There are so many different finishes and styles offered by modern bathroom manufacturers that you have a world of choice in front of you depending on your budget and personal preferences. Bear in mind the motif that you have chosen and don’t forget about the amount of maintenance that will be required.


Light the Way Carefully


The correct lighting can really make or break your bathroom space as you are trying to give off a sense of relaxation and calm. As well as the overhead lighting, you should also consider the appropriate task lighting for both the sink and shower areas. While fluorescent lighting tends to give off a bluish tint, incandescent bulbs are more on the yellowish side. Think about where the mirrors are located as you don’t want to cause too much of a glare in the room.


Combine the Soft with the Hard

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You can help to reduce the inherent sense of harshness in many bathroom materials by using small amounts of fabric to soften them up a little bit. There are plenty of soft fabrics that you can introduce into space including towels, shower curtains, window treatments and small upholstered items of furniture.


Bring in Some Natural Touches


As well as all the manmade features in your bathroom, you can also introduce a few natural ones as well. All kinds of indoor plants, flowers and greenery will help to give off the sense of calmness and serenity that you are looking to create.


So, if you are looking to create a beautiful bathroom space, here are just a few pieces of advice that you can follow. Plan everything out carefully and you are much more likely to create a room that looks beautiful and serves you well for many years to come.


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Upgraded Bathroom Decor

Having a bathroom that you love to be in and are not ashamed to show your friends is always a good feeling! I have listed a few things that will help when it comes to ‘freshening’ up your bathroom and making it livelier and lovable. I have taken these steps to upgrade my bathroom and have not been disappointed. These things include makes the most of your mirrors, picking plants for your bathroom windows, and sometimes less is better with colors!

For other ideas go here Upgraded Bathroom Decor

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Make the most of your mirrors

A bathroom is a place where people want to be able to see themselves for shaving and removing make-up. Most people settle for a small mirror above the sink or plated onto a bathroom cabinet, but it could be worth considering an entire floor-to-ceiling mirror. Large mirrors can help to provide the illusion of space to a poky bathroom, whilst also letting in more sunlight. The mirrors that have a nice border always look great in bathrooms and gives it the extra spunk. Mirrors may eventually get mottled over time so keep them polished up.


Picking plants for your Bathroom Window

Tropical plants cause a nice calming nature touch to your bathroom! Tropical plants you may ask?? It is suitable for the conditions of a bathroom with the humidity and low levels if sunlight. These plants might include anthurium which has a waxy leaf and comes in so many beautiful colors. Some more might include aloe vera, bamboo, begonia, and Boston ferns. There are so many options for picking out tropical plants for your bathroom. They can keep your bathroom calming with a naturally fresh aroma. You will not want to skip this idea.


Sometimes less is more

Neutral bathrooms are in. Whites and light browns are clean colors that can help to make the room feel fresher and more sanitary which is important when you are trying to bathe or take a shower. Not a lot of people are a fan of bright colored tiles, toilet seats or sinks in the bathroom so putting into consideration for adding a more natural alternative to your bathroom. Pops of color can sometimes work such as a matching turquoise bathroom mat and towels. What you don’t want is brightly colored fixtures and walls, you want it to be more natural to sooth the mind.


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