Sound Asleep, But Are You And Your Partner Comfy?

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There is one lifestyle habit that is essential – sleep. Sleeping is crucial if you want to improve your mood, be productive, and boost your well-being. Although it seems a stretch, it affects all three of these and more because it’s when the body gets to readjust. So, getting seven to nine hours a night is mandatory. Sadly, even if you go to bed early there’s a chance this won’t happen, and the culprit is your partner. Sharing a bed seems natural, yet it comes with its intricacies and couples have to figure them out to be successful. This is how to sleep soundly and comfortably with another person.


Cuddle Debate


Everyone is different and the idea of snuggling closer beneath the sheets isn’t always appealing. You may hate it yet your partner loves it, and it’s starting to get uncomfortable. Don’t worry because it’s not a reason to argue or break-up. Still, it’s worth talking about openly and maturely about the subject. Tell your squeeze that you need space during the night but are willing to compromise. Cuddle as you drift off and break apart when you inevitably wake-up in a huff, for example. Problem solved, now you can dream soundly.


Mattress Swap


Give your other half a break because it isn’t always their fault. Sometimes, the equipment is to blame. When this happens, it’s time to throw out the old tools and replace it with a brand spanking new one. Yep, mattresses are expensive yet it’s worth splashing the cash for the lifestyle benefits. For inspiration, you can check out Lullbed or any bed with a layer of memory foam. The technology spreads the weight more evenly and supports your body during the night. The result should less a better quality of sleep for both parties.


Plugged Ears


Listening to a loved one snore can be like being at an unplugged rock and roll gig. The good news is your hearing organs don’t have to suffer thanks to earplugs. Granted, it’s a bit of a drastic step, but it depends on the pitch and loudness of the snoring. Do they sound like the protagonist in “Little Nicky?” If so, then going au naturel isn’t going to work effectively. The defenders will make it seem as if you’re on a desert island alone, with only the sea and sand for company. Plus, there’s no need to banish your partner to the spare room for being naughty.


Up The Tempo


Some people hate to be cold, while others are experts in air conditioning. Hopefully, you’ll both be on the same page, but, if you’re not, then a conversation is in order. Depending on your side of the fence, or the bed, outline why it’s better to be cold/warm. If your boo is okay dealing with a bit of heat or coolness, then everything should work out swimmingly. If not, resort to thermal jammies if you’re a heat-lover or skimpy nightwear/snoozing in the nude if you like to be cold.


What are your sleeping hacks for couples?

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