Six Great Designs for Your Kitchen

A common phrase on many home improvement shows today is “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.” In recent years, realtors, construction companies, and “do-it-yourselfers” have emphasized that a functional and attractive kitchen both increases a property’s value and improves the quality of life for those who reside in the home. Whether you plan to build a new home or remodel your castle to improve its functionality, the first place most of us should focus on is the kitchen.

Six Great Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

  1. Remove Clutter by Concealing Appliances. A popular trend involves designing cabinets that hide appliances, such as microwave drawers. Some refrigerators also blend into adjacent cabinets to give a seamless appearance. Induction stoves mounted on countertops and wall-installed ovens are very popular. Having ample storage space for infrequently-used appliances keeps more of the counter open.
  2. Anticipate Storage Needs, then Add a Little More. To keep the counter clutter-free, think about your storage space needs for food, appliances, and cooking items in the short term, as well as how a growing family, visitors, or other circumstances may impact future needs. Think about that neighbor down the street who can no longer park their car in their garage because of the “stuff” they’ve added. You never want your kitchen to resemble that messy place.
  3. Extra Chilling Space is Cool. Make sure the area you set aside for a refrigerator serves your long-term needs. Ice machine service is a given. Consider smaller coolers for beverages or a prep area. Try to avoid placing that second refrigerator in the garage.
  4. Never Let Limited Prep and Cleaning Space Sink Your Ambitions. Along with planning for ample counter space, design your prep space and sink so that their size and location make kitchen adventures more joyful. Consider having grooves in the sink area that accommodate cutting boards and promote easy draining. For those planning to spend a lot of time at their stove, a second faucet such as a pot-filler faucet on the wall behind the stove is an excellent investment.
  5. Plan Efficiently. High-tech appliances allow busy cooks to multitask. Whether it’s Bluetooth-compliant appliances, automatic faucets, or energy-efficient dishwashers, incorporate high-tech options that allow you to do more with less effort. Many of these gadgets save water and electricity while allowing you to accomplish more in less time.
  6. Aesthetics Matter. Whether color or texture, your designs will make the kitchen both more attractive and easier to maintain. If you prefer bright kitchens, choose a light shade of gray rather than white. Eco-friendly composite countertops are more stain- and bacteria-resistant than wooden counters of the past. Stone countertops are another option to consider. If tile isn’t your thing, consider hardwood floors or polished concrete. When sealed properly, they offer durable options. The hardwood floors can easily transition into the living and dining areas. Polished concrete, when sealed properly, is great for both floors and countertops and comes in a variety of designs. Finally, add some “bling” with bold features that attract attention.

We spend so much time in our kitchens creating memories. The first recipe for our kitchen should be the one that gives it a memorable design.

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