Selling Your Home? Prep It Ready!

Selling your home is a long process, one that’s going to take a lot of energy from you, and one that will definitely take a lot of your finances. The whole process is going to be long and drawn out, whether you like it or not. The one thing you can do to try and make the whole process easier is to make sure you’re prepping your home ready for the sale. The more you prep, the more time you’re going to save, and the more money you could potentially make. There’s a few things that we’re going to walk you through today that’ll mean you have the best sale that you possibly can. Have a read on to find out more.


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Sort The Faults


If you’re coming up to the stage of needing to sell your home, you need to make sure you’re getting rid of any faults that you might have. Your home is going to be filled with more than you’re going to want to believe, so make sure you do your checking. The main fault that people seem to have is a problem with their plumbing, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the week before your viewing starts you’ll have something go majorly wrong with your plumbing. If this happens, just deal with the problem as and when. The more you stress, the more things will go wrong. The quicker you sort, the quicker you can make money. Even the little things that you might have problems with, such as a sink that refuses to drain, they all need be sorted. If by any chance at all the people viewing your house try something like that and it doesn’t work, it could only put them off your home. If you have problems such as mold, they definitely need to be sorted rather than covered up. The people viewing the house can bring people in to make sure there are no signs of things like mold, so you don’t want them finding that!


Add Some Value


Add some value to your home by adding space. Space is the best way to do it, even if it means you’re going to be spending a fortune doing a little bit of renovation work. For example, you could look at adding a conservatory. These are a great little addition that everyone loves. It gives potential buyers that extra bit of space to turn into whatever they want, or just as a little chill out room.


Viewing Ready


To be viewing ready, you just need to make sure everywhere is clean and presentable. The more time you put in to make sure the house is spotless, the more buyers you’re going to attract. Clean every nook and cranny and find all of the bits you might usually miss, that potential buyers wouldn’t. Another good selling point is to make sure the house smells nice when you have people around. Light a candle, spray a bit of air freshener, and make sure you get rid of any unwanted smells.

10 thoughts on “Selling Your Home? Prep It Ready!

  1. I know that it is hard to objectively price something so valuable! It really helps to have outside experts who can offer objective advice!

    Thank you for such practical tips.

  2. It really makes sense to add value to your house before selling it. One should look from the point of view of the buyer and make it an attractive proposition for them.

  3. Selling my home was one of the most stressful times of my life. I am glad I did it but I took a $75,000 loss just to get out of the area we lived in as it turned into the ghetto over the course of the ten years that we lived there. We moved to another state to really get far away in hopes that it never happens again to us but the whole world seems to be changing so we will see.

  4. This is great advice. We have been talking about selling our house. I think we will be ready in a year, possible two. I have no experience at this, so I’m pretty nervous. I will for sure be referring back to your advice.

  5. We talk about this a lot. We need to put a lot of work into our home before we sell it. Thank you for your tips!

  6. I love these tips. I have done a lot of work to my house over the last 14 years. We have talked about selling but it also makes me sad. Adding value makes total sense. I would just move furniture out to have more room. I have too much in some rooms.

  7. Solid tips! It always amazes me that people totally overlook things like this when selling a home. The home I grew up in has been on the market for ages while the house directly across the street sold within weeks! After looking at the online photos of the house I grew up in – it is easy to see why it is not selling! I wish I could contact the owners and give them the link to your post!

  8. One of my good friends is selling her house. It just went on the market and it has been really interesting to see the cleaning and staging process. They pretty much moved all of their stuff into a storage unit until it sells.

  9. Seems to make sense that just cleaning up and decluttering would make a big difference in how your house presents to prospective buyers. I’ve always heard that baking chocolate chip cookies before a showing puts the buyers in a good mood too.

  10. I have a friend who is selling her home. She’s been trying to find tips to make it ready. I’ll send along your link to her. I’m sure she’ll find it helpful.

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