Secrets That Will Make Any Home Sparkle

If you want to live in a pure, sparkling home that’s clean from top to bottom, you’re going to have to be prepared to put a little effort in – but probably not as much as you think. There are lots of things you can do to make your home sparkle, but these secrets are some of the best out there to help you live in a cleaner than clean home.


Read on for some awesome tips that anybody can use to make their home sparkle!


Stop Using So Much Product

Think that because you’re using a decent amount of product your home is clean and you’re doing a good job? You’re probably wrong. Using too much product can make it way more difficult to clean, as you’ll have to spend even longer wiping it away. It can also leave a film behind, so don’t go OTT!


Use just as much as you need and you’ll also save money as you’re not buying products so often.


Use The Right Kinds Of Products

What kind of products are you using to clean? If you’re buying the cheapest products on the shelves, not only is it taking you longer to get things done, you’re also running the risk of making your family ill. This is because a lot of cheap products are actually toxic, and bad for us. When you look at places like to shop for your cleaning products, you will keep your family far healthier and do a better job. You’ll notice a big difference right away when you start using the right cleaning products. Check the ingredients list and read reviews before you buy to make sure it’s the right product for you.



Use Rags – Not Paper Towels

If you’ve been using paper towels to clean rather than rags, you’ve made a big mistake. Paper towels leave lint behind, and rags clean even faster because they’re better at getting stuck into grime. Rags can be washed and used again too, so this is a much more eco friendly way of cleaning.


Put Your Money Into A Great Vacuum Cleaner

One thing that will really make the whole cleaning process a breeze? A high quality vacuum cleaner. They really do make all the difference, and the different settings that you find on there are great for different types of floor, whether you have carpet or wood floors. A great vacuum will cut down the energy you use cleaning up and will cut the time down substantially. It’s more than worth the money if you can fit something like this into your budget.


Start From The Top Of A Room And Work Your Way Down

All of the best cleaners know that they need to start cleaning at the top of a room and then work their way down to make it sparkle. You can use a long handled broom to wipe down fans, corners, and vents. Then you should polish your furniture, vacuum and wipe the floors, and take care of anything else you need to do. If you do this in the wrong order you’ll have to go over some things more than once.


Stop Getting Distracted

A professional cleaner wouldn’t stop while viewing sentimental items or when they come across a magazine article that they really want to read. Get laser focused and just clean. Don’t procrastinate. Create a great playlist, put on some wireless headphones so you can move freely, and just get cleaning.


Start Cleaning Clockwise

Choose somewhere in a room that can be 12 o clock and then start cleaning there. Go around in a circle until you’re done, and you aren’t going to waste time thinking about where to go next, and you’ll be sure that you’re not missing anything out.


Make Sure The Area is Lit Up

Make sure the area you’re cleaning is well lit. This way, you won’t miss anything out and you can make sure you’ve eradicated any dirt, dust, or grime that has showed up.


Give Yourself A Time Limit To Do The Job

A professional cleaner would take maybe an hour to do an entire home. As you’re not a professional cleaner, it’ll obviously take you longer. However, you can start by timing yourself to see how long it takes, and then set yourself a time limit for next time to see if you can cut it down. Doing this a little each time will ensure you’re not getting distracted and that you’re getting things done as fast as you possibly can – you’ll also get a sense of accomplishment as you meet your cleaning targets and realize that you’re getting faster!


Pay Attention To Detail But Don’t Stress Out

For a sparkly home, you do need to pay attention to detail, but you shouldn’t be stressing out about it. Make sure you’re cleaning things like your door knobs, light switches, above the doors where it gets dusty, and so on. These things will make a huge difference to your home. Just don’t get too fussy about making everything 100% perfect. Do your best and then move on. Spending much longer on each aspect won’t make that much of a difference, and you’ll only be doing it again next week anyway.


Using these tips next time you clean will help you to make your home as clean as possible in the shortest amount of time. You’ll be able to make cleaning your home into a bit of a game, so you actually enjoy it and feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s over. People do see cleaning as a therapeutic activity sometimes, so see if you can feel that way about it. If not, just look at it as a good opportunity to listen to a good playlist and sing as loud as you can while you clean. Have fun with it and it won’t be such a chore!


Do you have any secrets of your own that will make any home sparkle? Leave your thoughts and ideas below. Come back soon!

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