Room Decorated Diaper Bag

Being prepared is something that is super important to me, and makes me feel I have my life somewhat in order. While being a mom that can be a difficult task, making sure I have everything I for me and having everything for the kids. Some might say I “overpack” for everything so it’s not a surprise I need a diaper bag that is big enough to fit all my children’s stuff. I have tried many diapers bags out but the Room Decorated Diaper Bag is by far the greatest diaper bag I have tried. With my obsession making sure I have everything I like to fill my diaper bags to the rim; the diaper bags can become filled fast. With the room decorated diaper bag being such a great material, I am able to be confident it will not rip and will be able to hold everything I put in there. I am able to use this bag for my “daytime” trips and my “night time” trips which I love since I don’t have to switch bags all the times.

Now let’s get to the facts. This is a diaper bag that comes with a nice changing mat. The changing mat rolls up easy and is super easy to clean, which makes it very flexible to use anywhere. It is a tan color with brown and white designs making it color neutral, perfect for a boy, girl or both!! One of my favorites, if not the best thing about this product is the waterproof capabilities. It is made with a high-quality Oxford fabric causing the diaper bag to be water resistant. I’m not saying throw this diaper bag in the pool when you are swimming, but don’t be afraid if the bottle sippy cup spills on it. The diaper bag is very easy to clean if anything were to get on it. Overall I  and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great diaper bag!

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