Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

“9 Weekends of Huzzah!” as they have it on their website! This event does not disappoint. The Renaissance Festival is 9 themed weekends of pure greatness.

September 30th and October 1st is Oktoberfest
October 7th and 8th is 1001 Dreams
October 14th and 15th is Pirate Adventure
October 21st and 22nd is Roman Bacchanal
October 28th and 29th is All Hallows Eve
November 4th and 5th is Barbarian Invasion
November 11th and 12th is Heroes and Villains
November 18th and 19th is Highland Fling
November 24th, 25th and 26th is Celtic Christmas

I went this first weekend, Oktoberfest, and it was filled with a lot of different costumes! Pick your favorited themed weekend and then your favorite costume and enjoy a get away from reality. When you plan your visit do not forget to include all the exciting shows that are going on throughout the day. The New Market host an event that the first show starts at 9:30 and the last one ends at 6:00. Next is the Globe on a theatre which has all sorts of shows throughout the day. Next is Dove Meadow that starts at 9:30 and the last show is at 4:30, which live music is performed and you will be able to witness to newer (or older) styles of music. There is also the Falconer’s shows that have live birds! The Greek Agora offers different shows from belly dancing, music, acting and even comedy for your entrainment. If you are looking for some entrainment then you will not want to miss the Barbarian Bombshells, which they perform “m” rated shows so this is not for children! There is also a dance school at the Titania’s Bower which will help you improve your rusty dance skills! This event is something you do not want to miss.

Please let me know in the comments how you enjoyed the Renaissance Festival and what your favorite part is.

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