Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin

During the winter it’s sometimes a tough time of year because my three-year-old son can’t spend as much time outside as he would like. If I would let him this little boy would be outside all day every day. With it being cold there is more of a chance of him getting sick, so we do 15-20 minutes outside with him toys then come inside for awhile to warm up. Not being able to be outside has led to finding creative things for him to do inside. I do not like to stick him in front of a TV so having different activities planned out is always a must for colder weather. The Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin is an activity that I love to have in our everyday activities.

It comes with 150 All wood pieces which your little one can create whatever your little one’s heart desires. To be exact it has 124 real wood logs, 4 redwood gables, 20 green wood roof slats, 2 redwood chimneys and a complete building manual to help build it! Today we built a log cabin with a door in it, taking turns stacking the pieces together. I love how it helps the kids learn how something is built, and how something is designed.

The colors are redwoods for the walls, with the roof slants being a bright red, and the roof is a green making it easy for the kiddos to know exactly where something goes. You can purchase the Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin building set for $23.95.

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