Loma Lux Acne Pills

Loma Lux acne pills are a healthy skin formula. It naturally helps relieve ace, rosacea (where someone has enlarged blood vessels making them have a flushed appearance) and redness. It is mainly targeted for teens and adults who are not happy with the acne they have. It a natural skin formula so does not dry out, or irritated your skin. With five years of extensive research and development lead to the perfect balance of skin nourishing formulas to create natural real relief. Loma lux is based on an individual’s body weight so it’s not the same dosage for everyone. 50-100ib take 1 pill daily, 100-150 take 2 pills daily, 150-200 take 3 pills daily, 200+ take 4 pills daily. I love how they have found a way to accommodate everyone so you have the perfect dosage for your skin! I have taken the pills for 7 days and have seen amazing results. Generally, people start to see results in 1 week (as I have) however sometimes it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get the full effect. The pills have a natural berry flavor which cause for a great berry flavor in your mouth. The pills are chewable, so do not worry about having to swallowing a pill whole. You will want to chew the pills and then dissolve in your moth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. You will want to try not to eat anything for 10 minutes after the pills are taken. Please let me know how you like this product or let me know if you have any questions on it!

Bachelorette Party Temp Tattoos

Who knew these Team Bride Temporary Tattoos would be so pretty and fun!! I just love the way these sparkle in the sun. Having a bachelorette party is exciting and the bride will want everything perfect. With the decorations, food, drinks, and the little details that make the bachelorette party perfect. I will never go to bachelorette party empty handed anymore. I feel this is the perfect amount of extra and sparkle to bring. I was a little shy about presenting them to everyone, however once everyone saw them they loved them. I purchased the silver ones that say, “Team Bride” then under that have an arrow with a heart in the middle. What a perfect mix of tribal and romance. Applying is super easy. All you need to do it wet a washcloth, apply the tattoo where you would like (we did out wrist). Then you will need to place the wet washcloth onto the backside (paper) of the tattoo for about 20 seconds. You will then need to slowly peel off the paper. There you have it a stunning sparkly tattoo! Extremely easy to apply, defiantly an item that will put a smile on your face and many others.


Murder in Wizard’s Wood

This book was such a great read! I started off thinking Murder in Wizard’s Wood was going to be a medieval period and was shocked to see it is modern day settings! Murder in Wizard’s Wood has the perfect balance between the current daily situations to fantasy dream land. The book had wizards, dragons, and elves; which is one of my favorite subjects to read. The magical and romance atmosphere was such a thrill to experience! I could not put the book down. There is so much taking places I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was so intense and all over the places, I felt it was a great adventure to go on! The book was kind of long with 372 pages while the e-book copy was 600 pages, however being so caught up in the atmosphere you don’t realized how fast it went by. It might seem like a long read nonetheless I can promise it will not seem that long once started. I was always left wondering what was going to happen next. I give this book a five-star review for sure!!Extremely captivating and I cannot wait to read the second book.


Have you ever been to SeaWorld in San Antonio? It is an amazing experience!! There is a mixture of rides, shows, animal experiences and so much more! Not to mention how kid friend is it! The staff makes it feel as if you are home away from home. Now about the rides, if you are a dare devil they have Steel Eel, or the Great white roller coasters. If you are feeling hot and wanting to cool off they have the Wave Breaker: The Rescue Crew, Journey to Atlantis, Rio Loco (my favorite), and Shamu Express Roller coasters. Their animal experiences go from dolphins, to killer whales, to sea lions, orcas, string rays so much more.


There is so much do to while at SeaWorld, everywhere you turn is decorated. It felt as if you stepped into a dream life, and definitely somewhere I am planning on going back.  

Glade Plug ins

Glad Plug-Ins are the bomb! When I first tried this product, I was kind of iffy about it. I was thinking “it’s not going to work” “How can something this affordable make my house smell so good?”. However, with my doubts I still proceeded to try Glade Plug in.


I could not believe the difference it made in just ONE day. I had tried candles, scented waxes, and scented oils. I don’t feel like any of those hardly made a different compared to the glade plug ins. They are easy to plug in, easy to connect your scent of choice. One plug in can go a long way with making it smell good. My favorite refills are the Hawaiian Breeze and the Vanilla Passion Fruit.

This is definitely an item you will want to try!! #glade #gladeplugins

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