Ensuring Your Family Household Is A Beacon Of Positivity



Surf the internet for more than ten minutes, watch the news for more than two, or simply give into your need for drama, and you can plunge yourself into negativity fairly quickly. The world is absolutely drenched in it. However, does that mean negativity is winning? Not at all. It only takes someone to choose the positive, to become hopeful and optimistic to help erode that. Even in great sadness can this attitude be chosen. 


It’s a tale as old as time. You’ve likely read at least five novels that have had good vs. evil in some form as a basis of the book. However – you might want to try and help subvert those norms. You might choose to do this in your house. In your child’s or family’s lifetime, they will encounter stress, hardship and pain. They will learn hard life lessons. But you can design your home such that amazing and comforting lessons are given. That nurturing support is always there. That it’s a haven from the hardship of the world, but not to support reclusive behavior, but to support strength.


How might this be developed? Let us explore that together, below:


Remain Interested


It’s important to keep an open-minded household. The world is a massive place. It can be extremely worthwhile to be fascinated by it, and to influence your children to this end. For example, making your household a beacon of learning, of experience, or of discussion can be a great means to inflame the imagination of your children. Watch appropriate documentaries together. Visit interesting locations during your holidays. Head to aquariums and planetariums whenever you have the means to do so. Always help your children learn the wonder and mystery of the world. If you are interested, you will raise interesting children. And interest is almost always a positive thing to offer.


Believe In Everyone


Believe in all of your family members, and help all of them explore their natural talents. For example, your daughter might be very much into science, in which case STEM classes could be a great extracurricular activity for her to attend. Your son might be truly into arts or music, in which case investing (to the point that you can) in musical lessons could help them extend their natural ability. Never criticize or complain to your children if they are trying. Believe in them. This nurturing attitude can help young people blossom – and can truly help them gain an advantage in life worth keeping.

Set An Example


It’s important to set an example. Reflect the principles you wish to see your family embody. For example, never give in to road rage, no matter how aggressively your lane has been cut into. Don’t let your children see you under the influence, or if you have disagreements with your partner, try to do so calmly and separately from the familiam space. When you set an example, you give your children room to grow in the healthiest manner – and the household becomes restored.

Easy Ways To Modernise Your Home

Bought a house that hasn’t been decorated since the 1970s? Inherited a home from an elderly relative that needs some serious modernising? It can be difficult to know where to start with modernising an old fashioned home, but there are some easy tricks to help pull your home into today.



Freshen Up The Kitchen

An old-fashioned kitchen can instantly make your home look dated, but ripping out and replacing the whole kitchen is a time-consuming and expensive fix. There are ways to spruce up the kitchen with a more modern look without having to start from scratch.


Leave the carcass of the cabinets in place and instead, replace the cabinet doors with something more modern. If that’s still out of your budget, you could also just repaint cabinet in a fresh, modern colour. Replace cabinet and drawer handles with an on trend style and the kitchen will look much fresher.



Modernise The Bathroom

You don’t need a new bathroom suite to give the bathroom a new lease of life. Give tiles and fixtures a deep clean to brighten them up. If you can’t replace an old-fashioned suite, add more modern touches to the bathroom decor with new shower curtains, towels and even a new toilet seat.


Give the walls a fresh coat of paint to lighten things up. You could even try painting the tiles with a tile safe paint if they’re truly terrible.



Light It Up

A dark, dingy home will always feel more dated than a light, bright one. Swap out bulbs for brighter ones, and invest in some more lamps to bring more light to dark corners. Create different moods in different spaces with the shades of light you choose. Go for bright white bulbs in the kitchen, but pick warmer tones for cosy living rooms or bedrooms.



Dress Up Your Windows

Your windows can be a quick win to modernise the home. Ditch any grandma style lace or net curtains, and get rid of anything tired and faded looking.


You could swap curtains for blinds or roman shades in some rooms for a more modern look. Blinds create a more streamlined look, which will modernise any window.




Dingy paint won’t do your home any favours. Repaint the walls in your home in a fresher, lighter colour to make the house feel airier and newer. Paler hues make the rooms feel larger, as do larger prints on wallpapers.


Freshen up paint on doors too throughout the home too to bring more lightness, and change door handles for something more on trend. If you have wood floors, sand and refinish them to bring back their former glory.



Create Space

Older homes often have the advantage of high ceilings, but can have smaller rooms than homes built more recently. Create the illusion of more space by choosing furniture wisely. Lose any large, bulky pieces like heavy wardrobes or dressers, and instead choose more slim-line pieces in lighter woods.


Experiment with different furniture layouts to see what helps create the most open space and ease of moving around the rooms. Add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.


Embrace the high ceilings and draw the eye upwards to show off the height. Pull the eye to a higher point in the room by hanging curtain rails a little higher above the window, choosing a dramatic lighting fixture or hanging artwork a little higher on the wall.


Think about how you’re likely to use rooms. Give yourself more space by making the most of the rooms you have and turn them into spaces you’ll actually use. Ditch the dining room in favour of a man cave, or switch a spare bedroom for a study.



Use House Staging Tricks

Take some tips from the pros and use tricks used by real estate agents for staging houses for sale.


Hang modern artwork, but hang it correctly. Choose a piece that is the right size for the wall, and hang it at the right height. Higher ceilings can take higher art, but in general stay at eye level, and fill the space to avoid the art looking lost on the wall.


Avoid rugs that float in the room. Lay a large rug in the lounge with a funky pattern, or in a bright colour and make sure it’s anchored under the feet under the furniture. At minimum, the front two feet of the sofa should be on the rug. This creates a space that feels cosy, and the rug doesn’t look lost.


The easiest trick? Declutter and keep the house clean and tidy for an instant fresher feel.


Your Home Throwing Money Down the Drain? It’s Time to Get Savvy!

The cost of running a household never ceases to amaze you. From the monthly utility bills to the weekly grocery shop, there is a never ending list of expenses to fork out. Whether you’re moving to a new home and want to save some money or you want to revamp your current lifestyle, you might be able to cut back on costs in more ways than you think. When you make a few minor adjustments to your home, you would be surprised at the positive impact it can have on your finances. Check out some of the following ideas that will prevent you from throwing money down the drain!



Switch Your Energy Supplier


From the moment you moved into your house, you always assumed your energy bills would be accurate and honest. You might have believed that energy rates are the same across the board, but suppliers can be cheeky about the way they portray the costs to you. Look into Reliant Energy and you will be surprised at how much you can save on your monthly electricity bills. Every household will have completely different needs so make sure you find a deal that works for you.


Don’t Be Wasteful With Water


All of us can be guilty of taking our water supply for granted, you just turn on the tap and it’s there to be used freely right? The truth is, you could be saving a tonne of money on a monthly basis by being more conscious of your water usage. You can do things such as install five minute shower timers and use a flushing device in the back of your toilet to reduce the amount of waste. These simple adjustments are by no means life changing, but they will stop you from throwing money away unnecessarily.


Get Smarter With Shopping


How much do you spend every month on your food shopping? It’s normal for your bills to fluctuate depending on your circumstances, but you might be paying more than you should. Lowering your grocery bill doesn’t need to be difficult; all you need to do is a little extra planning and preparation so you aren’t wasting food. If your fridge is full to the brim of out of date salads, fruits and vegetables then why not shop for fresh produce less frequently? Create a weekly menu and only buy the ingredients that are absolutely necessary. This will save you money in the long run and reduce your waste. Vegetables, grains, beans and rice are super cheap at the supermarket, so fill your diet with these healthy and protein rich ingredients.


Whether you’re cutting down on your energy bills or reducing the amount of water you use, there are so many ways to make your home cheaper to run. You shouldn’t have to experience sky high bills and overwhelming costs in your day to day life. As long as you are willing to make a few small changes, your bank balance will be grateful in the long run!

That’s The Last Drop!

There is a moment that many homeowners get to experience: It’s when everything goes wrong. You found the house of your dreams, and upon moving in, you suddenly come to realize that things are not as rosy as they first appeared. Did you know that the most commonly overlooked issues that frustrate new home-buyers are water-related? Indeed, there is more than one water risk in your property. If you haven’t booked a house survey before the purchase, you might find yourself wondering if you’ve made a great deal when you signed the contract. Relax. Your water problems have a solution. More often than not, you can get things fixed in no time if you can find the right expert for the job.

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You can’t get rid of the musty smell

You’ve tried a variety of house fragrance and diffusers, but you still can’t get rid of the musty smell. Your efforts to locate mold in your property have been vain; the kitchen sink and the bathroom are clean. Before you log into your Amazon account to order a new diffuser, you might want to check with mold experts such as https://www.environix.com/ to not only identify the source of the problem but also remediate to it. Mold can hide in a variety of areas; such as just beneath your roof insulation if there’s a slight leakage or within the wall if you’re struggling with rusty plumbing pipes.


It’s raining inside your home

There’s nothing more peaceful than watching the rainfall when you’re cozied up indoors, clasping a cup of tea and chatting with a friend. The sound of rainfall is soothing to the mind, except when your home isn’t as waterproof as you thought. When it’s raining indoors, the first sight of a dark cloud can give you a cold sweat. How can you spot rain infiltration before it’s too late? You might notice a cold breeze from your upstairs area, which is a sign that either you left a window open on a rainy night or your roof leaks. Small puddles are likely to form underneath the source of the leak. An insulation expert can help you sort out the issue.


Nobody told you about the limescale

You were not aware of the extent of the limescale problem when you bought the house. Within a few weeks, you’ve noticed a white deposit on your shower head and taps. If you let limescale buildup accumulate in your plumbing systems, it can also damage your pipes, as explained here https://www.ahs.com/. The best thing you can do is to install a water softener that can protect your pipes by removing all the minerals.


Everything is clean, but there’s still no water pressure

There’s so little pressure that washing your hair takes ages. Some cities don’t boost the pressure so that depending on your location, you might struggle with a pressure of less than 40 psi. If you’ve made sure the problem is not linked to your plumbing or appliances, the next step is to install a pressure booster. A certified plumber can help you to get the right setting for your home.


Don’t lose your cool over water. Whether mold, leak, limescale, or low water pressure, there is always a way around your problem. Ultimately, becoming a homeowner is a challenging journey that will teach you to address home-related issues rapidly and effectively. It’s a learning process, after all!


Protecting Your Money And Sanity When Moving To A New Home

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You probably know that moving home is going to cost a lot of money. Buying a new house is a huge investment in itself, but there are other expenses to consider on top of that. Moreover, it’s not just a financially-straining process; it’s a mentally-straining process. If you want to make your move cost-effective and relatively stress-free, then it might be time to start planning well ahead. Let’s talk about how you can protect your money and sanity when moving to a new home.


Increase the value of the property you’re selling.

You need all the money you can get when it comes to moving. That’s why you shouldn’t take the sale of your old house lightly. This is a huge part of the process. If you want to cover your expenses more easily, then you should aim to increase the value of the property you’re selling. That means you’ll get better offers and make more money to put towards other aspects of the moving process (and setting up your new home after you’ve moved). Do a bit of landscaping to boost your property’s curb appeal; some colourful flowers and a repainted front door could do wonders for your old home. Giving a makeover to important rooms such as the kitchen could go a long way too. Put some effort into sprucing up your property to make a bigger profit.


Get a quote from a moving company.

Whilst you might be able to move some of your belongings by yourself and you might have even put some things in storage ready for the big move, you’ll probably want to hire experts to help you transport the majority of your possessions safely. You should do some research to find movers who offer high-quality services. You could get professional help to move your precious belongings in a secure manner. If you want to make sure that you get a fair quote from a moving company, then you should definitely aim to declutter your belongings. The fewer things there are to move, the less you’ll have to pay to hire a team to help you. It’ll also ensure that your brand new home is spacious and free of clutter.


Set up your new services.

You’re probably excited to finally move into your new house and actually settle in, but people often find this part of the moving process difficult because it takes time to sort out everything and really make the place feel like home. Something that’ll certainly make the entire process easier is setting up your new services in advance. In other words, don’t wait until moving day to contact an internet service provider and book an appointment for them to come and set it all up. You’ll be waiting for a few weeks for them to arrive. Make it easier for you and your family to get settled in your new home by setting up your new services weeks (or even months) before actually moving in. Do some research to find the best water and electricity providers, for example; you want the best value for your money, and you want it to be sorted out before you actually move in.

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