The Smoothest Of Moves

Historically it has been known that moving home just isn’t smooth at all, in fact, it’s one of the most bumpiest roads in the history of the world. Because most of the time, there’s people on the other end that are also trying to move out of the home that you’re moving into, so it’s not like you’re simply moving into an empty house that’s ready for you at a moments notice, it’s unfortunately a lot harder than that, and that’s why so many people suffer when trying to move home. But considering it’s such a big part of your life, especially if you’re moving home for the first time, you really need to think about how you can make it the smoothest of moves. If it’s your first time move, or you just don’t have a clue how to go about all of this, you’ve come to the right place. Below are many tips that should help guide you towards the smoothest of home moves.

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Let’s Start From The Beginning


The beginning is where we should begin, because it’s where we feel that many of you are going wrong at the minute. So, in the beginning, you have to spend an awful lot of time planning every little aspect of your move to see what the outcome would be. The financials of your move is the most important part, yet people don’t consider everything. From the solicitors to the movers, you have to price up everything to make sure that you’re going to have the most amount of money to manage the move. If not, you’ll only get further down the line and realise that you’re quickly going to run out of money, and that life is definitely going to get hard. Some people even have to pull out of the move entirely because of the money they forgot to plan for. It’s always good to ask the advice of family and friends to see how much they paid for the different parts, but you should always add a little something extra on top!


Backup Solutions Are Essential


Now this is something that definitely needs to be planned for. As we said, there’s usually someone at the end of the line who is sitting in your new home, and they could have someone at the end of their line sitting in their new home. The knock on effect could be that one person isn’t ready to move on the said date, and then no one moves. But sometimes you might have to be out of the house you’re in, with nowhere to go. So, make sure you have backup solutions storage wise and somewhere to go, which your family might be able to help you with. Some people are even force to go into a hotel for a few weeks until the new home is ready!


People Find Settling In Is The Hard Part


You might think that as soon as you step foot in your new house, it will feel like home. This is totally wrong, and you actually need to do a lot of work to the home to make it yours. Our top tip is to get it done sooner rather than later so that you can really settle in.

Preparing To Move Across The Country



Deciding to make a big change to your lifestyle is a difficult thing for you to do at any age. Being an adult and making the decision to move away from your home town to pursue a new chapter in life can be hard and it won’t come without its sacrifices. However moving somewhere new can also be the reason you are able to start fresh and grow as an individual. It can give you the means to be who you were meant to be and this can be a big confidence booster. Today we are going to look at how you can prepare to move across the country to somewhere new.


Get preparing now


When you want to move house, the main thing you will be worrying about is packing everything up and hiring cross country moving companies to come and take it away to your new home for you. The best thing you can do if you are moving home is to start packing right away. As soon as you know that you will be going you can start to sort through your possessions, think about quitting your job and making preparations for starting a new one.


Get family involved


When you are looking to move far away from your family this can always be hard and it is something which will hurt not only you but the people around you. This is why it can be great for you to get your family involved in the steps you take to move. It will give you some chance to spend time with your loved ones and this can be exactly what you need when you want to start a new chapter in your life.


Look for local facilities


Before you choose the area you are going to live in, it is important for you to do some research and make sure that you have access to everything you need when you move. For example if you have a chronic illness such as asthma this will require you to often visit the doctors for your medicine, so having a surgery near to your new home is handy. Think shot supermarkets and other things which are nearby to make sure that you can live comfortably in your new town.


Pack a survival bag


On the day you move away this will be the one thing which keeps you going. There will be a huge rush on the day you move and you will likely end up being totally overrun with bags and boxes in the car. Finding anything can be a nightmare which is why you should pack an extra bag with all the essentials in it. This will make life so much easier and it will allow you to move into your new home knowing that you have things like food, drinks and a phone charger at hand.


Take a week off


When you move house and you move to a whole new part of the country, it is never a good idea for you to start working the next day at your new job. Make sure that you have a week or two between moving and starting your new job to give you the chance to get to know your new home and your new area. You can find the local hotspots and enjoy some time getting to know the locals before you get back to the grindstone.

Common Problems Dog Owners Face

There are plenty of benefits to having a pet. They can provide hours upon hours of fun, give your physical health a boost, and give your state of mind a lift, too. However, while there are more pros than cons when it comes to having a pet dog, it’s not all a (literal) walk in the park. There are some common problems that dog owners experience, as we’ll see below. While these shouldn’t put you off from getting a dog, they are things that you’ll want to keep in mind. If you already have a pet, we’ll take a look at some solutions that’ll make these issues easier to manage.



Bills, Bills, Bills


The best things in life are free, they say, but that doesn’t seem to apply to having a pet dog. No matter what dog you have, you’ll find that you’re spending a significant portion of your income on bills that keep on mounting up. There’s the cost of food, vaccinations, unexpected trips to the vet, toys, and more. There are ways to keep the costs down – pet insurance is a good investment – but if you’re a dog owner, you’ll have to get used to shelling out cash on your pooch.


No Alone Time


You’re inviting a dog to be a part of your family. But even your family isn’t your whole world: you have your job, and friends, and interests, and so on. To your dog, however, you’re the whole world. They don’t have anyone else to call upon! And this can create issues such as separation anxiety. You need to do things by yourself, and that means that your dog will have to get used to being alone from time to time. And in fact, you can help calm them down by giving them something you might already have in your cupboard: cbd oil. If you’re wondering, “can I give my dog human cbd oil?” then the answer is: yes, you can. However, you’ll need to make sure you adjust the dosage.


Taking Trips


Life with a dog by your side is all fun and games when it’s cold outside and you just want to snuggle up on the couch, but when you’ve got a sense of adventure running through your veins, things become a little bit more complicated. While it’s possible to take your dog with you on certain trips, if your traveling involves an airplane, then you’ll have to find a solution. There are boarding kennels that’ll look after your pet while you’re away, or you can ask a friend or family member to look after him or her for you.


Chewing Home Goods


To you, your home is a well-designed, well-managed place to relax, unwind, and have fun. To your dog, it can look like one big plate of food. There’ll be certain periods during your dog’s life when they seem to think everything is a chew toy. You’ll want to have a long-term plan, which involves training your pet not to eat your home items, but in the meantime, you’ll want to make sure you have a pile of dog chew toys that your pet most definitely knows is for them.


Eating Meals


Your dog doesn’t really see you as a human being. They see you as, well, not exactly like another dog, but not too far off. So when it comes to eating your meals, they most likely expect that they’re going to get some of the food as well. And why not? They’re involved in most everything else that goes on in the family, it’s understandable that they think some of the food you’re having will come their way. But if you encourage this behavior, it’ll only get worse. The best policy is to avoid giving your pet food from the table (unless they have those especially sad, cute eyes), and feeding them their food at the same time. They might prefer what you’re eating, but at least their wishes won’t come from a place of hunger.


Wild Reactions


Most of the issues have, so far, been annoying but harmless. If your dog gets overly excited by other dogs or humans, however, then there is the capacity for something bad to happen, even if that’s not your dog’s attention. As such, it’s important that your pet gets used to other people and canines as early as possible. If they don’t seem to be calming down, then you might need to work with a professional dog trainer to bring them under control.


Hiring A Handyman For Your Home

As they say, ‘out of sight, out of mind’… this tends to be the case for roofing! However, once damage commences and people face an expensive repair or replacement on their hands, they certainly cannot ignore their roof any longer. We don’t want this to happen to you. Roof replacements can be extremely expensive and more often than not they could have been completed avoided with a bit of TLC. All you need to do is embark on regular maintenance and seek roof repairs whenever necessary. By doing this, you can fix the problem before it gets out of hand and becomes more costly and more hassle.


Before providing you with some tips on how to look after your roof properly, it is essential to delve deeper into the reasons why maintenance and repairs are so important. Firstly, your roof’s length of life is directly related to how often it is inspected. When small issues are identified they can easily be repaired. Therefore, your roof lasts you for many, many years. Quality roofing, such as fiberglass, is supposed to last for over thirty years. And, it will do, as long as you look after it. If you don’t, damage will commence yet because you have neglected to inspect your roof it will only get worse and worse until it is at the point of no repair. This is no trivial issue either. Research indicates that as many as 35 percent of roofs do not reach their life expectancy. Head to for more information about the average lifespan of a roof. Just think of all the unnecessary money that is being spent on this.


When you consider what your roof is exposed to you will further acknowledge why regular maintenance and repairs are necessary. You need to take into account all of the debris, chemicals and airborne particles that are collected on your roof. These can easily clog your drains and their presence can damage your roof as it weakens, rips or tears the material. In addition to this, you should also think about thermal radiation and UV (ultraviolet) from the sun. You may be thinking ‘well the sun never shines here’. But just because it is freezing cold does not mean the sun isn’t shining down on us. The sun’s impact on your roof will lead to degradation thanks to the chemicals and the acceleration of oxidation. This causes your roof to become brittle. The harsh winters have an impact as well. Hail, sleet, snow, and rain are all destructive compounds that have a mechanical impact, cause erosion, and destruct through contraction and expansion forces.


When you take all of these points into account it is really not hard to see why frequent inspection, maintenance, and repairs come so highly recommended. You will save yourself a great deal of hassle and money. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best roof maintenance tips for you to follow…


  •    Regular inspections – It is advisable to do a yearly inspection of your property’s roof. Everything suffers from wear and tear, and your roof is certainly no different, especially when you take into account the points that were mentioned before regarding the weather and outside elements. Catching problems early is the key to ensuring you don’t have to part with large chunks of cash. It is recommended that you inspect your roof during the spring period. Look out for moss growth, lifted shingles, and any other signs of damage. If you are not comfortable with doing the inspection yourself you can always hire a professional.
  •    Get rid of excess water – Keeping water from getting inside of your property is one of the main functions of a roof. But, you do need to give it a helping hand when it comes to getting rid of the water that falls on it. You can do this by ensuring that your downspouts and gutters are in impeccable condition. In addition to this, another point a lot of people fail to recognize is that if your trees hang over your roof they will be dripping excess water onto it all of the time. Therefore, it is advisable to trim your trees.
  •    Sweep your roof – It is vital to sweep or blow off excess debris from your roof. This includes anything from leaves, to sticks, to virtually anything that can damage the shingles. If you just leave the debris there you are asking for trouble, especially when the gutters begin to clog and algae start to grow.
  •    Remove moss and prevent regrowth – A lot of people overlook the issue of moss as they deem it to only be a problem because it is ugly. However, moss is a lot more damaging to your roof than the appearance of it. The root-like structures of moss can result in the shingles pitting. Moreover, when moss grows underneath a shingle it can easily cause them to lift up and separate from your roof. This is another reason why cutting your trees is so highly advised as it will make your roof less moss-welcoming. Nevertheless, this is not to say you will never experience the issue of moss, and thus you need to know how to handle it when you do. You should use Wet & Forget to safely remove this from your roof.


So there you have it, some excellent tips for maintaining your roof. But, what happens if upon your yearly inspection you notice some damage? Well, you will, of course, need to find a company for roof repairs, like The importance of seeking a highly qualified, experienced and skilled company is something that cannot be stressed enough. Aside from being neglected, one of the main reasons why roofs end up needing to be replaced is because of bad workmanship. With a quality company by your side, you have peace of mind whenever something goes wrong.


In order to find the best roofing company for you, there are several components you need to take into account. Firstly, go for a business with experience. You never want to be someone’s practice project. You should also take the time and make the effort to read reviews that have been left by previous customers. This is the best way to get the truth about the quality being provided by the company in question. If they have a bad reputation you should easily be able to pick up on it as there are bound to be dissatisfied customers who have taken to the internet to warn others about the business in question. A lot of the best roofing companies have case study sections on their website for you to look at. It is worth browsing over these as well.


On a final note, it is certainly not hard to see why regular roof maintenance and repairs come so highly recommended. Your roof is impacted by outside elements on a regular basis, some of which are extremely damaging. If you don’t keep things under control you are going to end up needing a huge repair or even a roof replacement and this will cost extortionate amounts of money. Set aside the time to carry out your inspections and act on any issues imminently and you cannot go wrong.


It’s Time to Give Your Bathroom a Little TLC

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We tend to spend a whole lot of time focusing on interior design in our homes. This isn’t all too surprising. Our properties tend to be the biggest and most expensive purchase that we make in our lives, so we’re bound to want to make sure that they are aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. But when it comes to interior design, the majority of us tend to lay focus on certain rooms over others. Sure, we might want to lay particular emphasis on making sure our bedroom or our lounge is perfect. We spend a lot of time in these rooms. But it’s important that you take every single aspect of your home into account when it comes to creating a haven that is beautiful in its entirety. After all, you want your entire property to tie together and you don’t want any space to drag the overall picture down. One room that we tend to neglect in particular is the bathroom. So, let’s focus on that for now!


Vanities and Cabinets


Every bathroom should have some sort of vanity or cabinet. To start with, these look great. They are one of the few pieces of furniture that we can reasonably incorporate into our bathroom and they hold a whole lot of design potential. This could be what really sets a tone for this space. Secondly, they are essential when it comes to storage space. Cabinets can be used to keep your toiletries, spare toilet rolls, cleaning products… whatever you need to make your bathroom a space that is clean and easy to use. So, browse a selection at Bathroom Supply Store and start creating a great centerpiece for your space.


The Bath


The majority of us make the mistake of assuming that the bath our bathroom comes with is the bath that we have to accept and that is here to stay. But this really isn’t the case. Sure, having a new bath fitted isn’t necessarily the easiest or most straightforward home renovation. You will have to get plumbers in to ensure that pipes are connected as they should be and to ensure that there is a working water supply to the faucets. But it really can be worth it. Consider the huge variety of styles out there. Claw foot baths are extremely appealing. As are larger baths that really let you stretch out!




Bathrooms tend to be relatively neutral spaces. Because the rooms tend to be relatively small in comparison to other spaces in our home, we tend to be reluctant to paint the walls bolder colours, as we don’t want to minimise the appearance of the room. Windows also tend to be smaller or have blinds drawn, so we also generally opt for lighter colours. But accessories can be used to add a touch of colour or to create a colour scheme. These could include towels, shower curtains, or bath mats.


While bathrooms might not initially seem to have much design potential, they really do. So, it’s time to give them a little TLC!

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