Renovation Ideas That Could Make Your Abode Feel Like A Comfy Showhome

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As homeowners, we want the best of both worlds. We want a home that looks stylish but feels comfortable. When you look around a showhome, you might appreciate the design but miss the warmth that comes with a house that you can actually call your own. With your own home, however, you might feel that it doesn’t quite have the design you want. Its appearance might be a little shabby. And the aesthetic of your property actually has a big effect on how comfortable you feel. So, the level of style and the level of comfort in your household are linked. Understanding this, here are some renovation ideas that could make your abode feel like a comfy showhome.


An improved exterior design.

Let’s start by improving the outside of your home. So many homeowners neglect the exterior design of their properties, but the way your house looks on the outside has a big effect on how you feel. A stylish interior might be overshadowed by a shabby exterior, so you should start your renovation process by fixing up the outer appearance of your humble abode. You could start by getting some replacement windows. This could make your property look brand new again. Windows serve a practical purpose, but they also affect the interior and exterior aesthetic of your house.


You should also make your back garden feel relaxing and welcoming. View it as an outdoor living room. That’s a good way to encourage you to spruce up this area. You could get some pretty lighting for your garden to keep it well-lit during the evening. You should also consider creating a comfortable patio area. You could spruce it up with an awning, some cushioned seats, and a dining table. That way, you and your family could have lovely meals on warm summer evenings. You could even invite guests and host gatherings.


Put your rooms to better use.

Does your house feel small? You might simply be cluttering rooms with unnecessary things. It might be time for a clear-out. Selling things at a yard sale or online could raise money for any renovation projects you have planned, but giving things away to charity can be a rewarding way to declutter your household, too. The point is that you might be hoarding things you don’t really want or need anymore. By clearing out the clutter in your home, you could put each room to better use. If rooms still feel cramped or untidy after decluttering, you could also improve your storage options. Put up more shelves on the walls, buy dual-purpose furniture with storage compartments, and get storage boxes to keep under your bed. You’ll have a minimalistic and welcoming design, but you’ll also feel much more comfortable.


Use more natural materials.

You should also use more natural materials in your abode if you want to improve its style and level of comfort. Nature doesn’t go out of style, so this is a worthwhile renovation idea. You might want to replace your carpets with wooden flooring, for example. This would give your household a more sophisticated and fashionable design. If you miss the comfort of carpet beneath your feet, you could always get some trendy rugs for each room.

Going Green: 4 Ways You Can Help The Environment

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There is no escaping the fact that the world is facing a climate crisis. Our environment is in trouble and unless we immediately start to work to reverse the effects that years of bad choices have caused then we will not be able to fix these problems and as such will face a much wider set of problems when the effects caused by climate change really start to take hold. 


The age-old debates that circle around this topic are over who is responsible for fixing it. Some may say that the governments of the world are to blame for not doing enough, and leaving it late. Others may say that it is greedy businesses that have pushed us to consume more and more so that they can reap the rewards of our money. 


Whoever you think is the problem, the fact of the matter is that all of humanity is to blame, and we all must be the ones to make a change that will see it getting fixed. There are so many areas that are affected, it is hard to know where to start. Here are a few things that you could think about doing within your life right away.


Save Water


Believe it or not, fresh drinking water is in short supply. By 2025 it is estimated that 1.8 billion people will not have access to clean drinking water. Recently, South Africa was on the brink of turning its entire water system off for good as they were virtually out. Although the world is seventy percent water, we have less than one percent of that that is safe to drink. 


If you want to reduce the amount of water you are using, get a water container such as those found at Clark Tanks to capture rainwater in. You can use this for anything around your home that does not require clean drinking water 


Drive Less


Having a car that has low emissions is an ideal situation, even better if you have an electric car. Though whatever car you are driving, carpooling is a great way of reducing the number of vehicles of the roads. You could also look at walking where possible, or cycling, or taking public transport instead of your car. 


Review Your Energy Situation


Find out where your energy supplier gets its power from. Many companies still use coal to produce the majority of their power. If your provider still gets its electricity that way, it is time for you to ditch and switch. There are lots of companies that have fully renewable energy available and you should take your custom to them instead. 


Eat Less Meat


The UN have said that eating meat is a major contributing factor to global warming. The farming of animals causes lots of issues such as deforestation for land, as well as pollution through soil contamination, water pollution, and an overuse of water. Even by cutting down your meat consumption you could have a positive effect on the environment. 

Unique Outdoor Home Ideas

When we move into a new home, it’s usually a blank slate that we’re working with. There are sometimes renovations to do, and that’s often a big task for anybody, let alone those of us with full-time jobs and children to look after. But to avoid looking the same as everyone else in the street, here are some ideas to make your home stand out from the crowd and make sure your home looks as individual as you do. 

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One of the ways that you can make your home stand out is by creating an unusual outside of the property, such as a unique front door with a distinctive color, new siding installation to match outside decor. How else are we able to improve the look of our home without looking the same as everyone else? Here are some ideas for you.



Being able to light up your home when the sun goes down and uniquely do this is something that will really help your home stand out. There are some novel ideas when it comes to lighting. Such as multicolored fairy lights, lampposts (in a traditional style) and lanterns that you may not have considered before. The beauty with a lot of outdoor lighting used at night time is that we can now purchase solar light, that will save energy, cut down on your bills, and reduce the amount of energy used, ultimately saving the environment. And a bonus to this is if you entertain guests in your garden then you will also have sources of light available.


Painting the house

So most people paint their homes a lovely neutral color such as an oat or beige, but there’s really nothing stopping you from decorating your house whatever color you like, if you match your front door with a contrasting color, you will end up with an amazing and unusual home. Not many people choose to brighten up their homes in this way, so you can really stand out from the crowd with a few tins of paint and a paintbrush. Painting is also very therapeutic, so you will find some relaxation too.


Garden plants

Who is to say that you just need to have one rose bush in the middle of your lawn and a few flowers around the edge? This is all very pretty, but nothing is stopping you from cutting some hedges into some weird and beautiful shapes, many people cat evergreens into heart shapes, and you can find some designs online to follow and give your garden and unusual and entertaining theme.


If none of these ideas are up your street, then do a quick search online and find some more unique ideas for your home. You can purchase some ornaments and have plenty of fun designing the outside of your home. So don’t think you have to follow the crowd you can do what you like with your own home. As long as it doesn’t bother your neighbors, then brighten up your space in any way you want.


How to Create a Seamless Open Plan Living Space

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One of the main reasons that people move house is that they don’t have enough room. But what about when you are really happy with your location and don’t particularly want to move away? 


Instead of moving house, you should think carefully about what you actually want. More usable space doesn’t always mean greater square footage; smarter design is often a better way to get what you really want and an open plan living space usually ticks all the boxes. 


Here’s how to design a space you’ll love. 

Choosing Colors and Materials 

Before you do anything, you should think about which rooms you are combining and where you can find cross over with materials. For example, if you plan to create a kitchen, dining and living space, you need to find a way to design continuity into each part of the room. Choosing a material or color that runs through the design is usually the best way to achieve this. 


Going for a neutral color for the whole room is a good place to start because you can add details to take you between the spaces. So, let’s say you choose granite countertops for your kitchen, you might also choose a small granite coffee table or maybe you go for a more subtle link with granite coasters. You could also match the shade of the granite when you choose soft furnishings.

Smart Furniture Placement

The next problem to solve is where you put your furniture. L-shapes are a great place to start as they are open but will naturally separate out the spaces in your open plan. So, putting an L-shaped corner sofa in, facing a corner will create a seating area and reflecting that by putting an L-shaped kitchen counter in the opposite corner will balance everything out. 


The key to smart furniture placement is always function first. You need the space to flow with your lifestyle, which means that you must plan the whole room in one go. Walk through the space – preferably while it is empty – and think about how you move. You don’t want to be squeezing past furniture, but equally, you don’t want to use furniture that is so small, it feels out of place. Planning is vital!

Zoning with Lights and Rugs 

Using your furniture to create zones within your open plan is a good idea but you can tie spaces together using lighting and rugs. For example, placing a pendant light above a dining table will create a gorgeous pool of light while you eat; similarly, an overarching standing lamp is one of the best ways to create a reading nook and highlight your favorite chair or place to sit. 


Rugs are also great for creating zones as they pull pieces of furniture together and add a splash of color too. Oversized rugs that your furniture sits on completely are the best option. If you gather your furniture around a rug, it can feel smaller and less cohesive.


A seamless open plan living space always gives a lighter, brighter feel so take advantage of this when you plan. You’ll be surprised by what knocking down a wall or two can achieve! 

3 Things To Do Instead Of Moving House

It can be so easy to get disillusioned with your current home. You can spend hours upon hours staring at the same walls, and after awhile you start to get itchy feet. You spend time browsing on property search websites and daydreaming about living elsewhere. The problem comes when you look into financing it, when you think about the hassle and costs of a house move or when you remember that you actually quite like the location that you are in. You are absolutely not alone as many of us want to change things up at home, without the hassle of completely selling up and relocating. Which is why today we want to share with you 3 things to do instead of moving house, suggestions that should see you happy in your home once more. 

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Redesign and redecorate your home


You are free to take this one as far as you want to go. You might find that simply by redesigning your main living space, by adding new colors, changing the flooring and moving the furniture around or buying a few new pieces, you feel like you are living in a fresh new home. This could be all that you need to fall back in love with it once more.


It might be that you go all in and plan to redecorate the majority of your house, and if this has not been done for some time, then it might well need the update. This can be done on a budget if you choose to buy second hand and from thrift stores, opt for paint over wallpaper and are prepared to take on most of the work yourself.


It can be a labor of love to redecorate your home, and throughout the process, you will no doubt learn to enjoy being there again. 


Extend your home


Extending your home is the next step up from redesigning it, and this one will cost more and involve a lot more construction and disarray. However, it will also give you a very different space once the work is complete and can be great for making room for a growing family.


You might want to push outwards into your yard, creating a large family dining kitchen area, or perhaps adding a snug or home office space. You could add another storey or perhaps convert your attic into an additional bedroom and bathroom. 


Extending is a great option if you feel the need for more space but love the neighborhood that you are in. It is also often a more cost effective option than moving to a larger home. 


Get yourself a second home 


This option can add a whole new dimension for you. You get to keep all of those things that you love in your existing home, and then have somewhere new and completely different to escape to at the weekend or over the summer. 


You might want to look into wigwam luxury condos for sale or perhaps you have always dreamed of buying a motorhome and driving across the country or further afield. A second home gives you a sense of freedom and a different way of living, without sacrificing what you currently have. 

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