Snow Day in January

Every year my family goes to Snow Day to spend the day playing in the snow! Living in South Texas, this is usually the only way we get to see it. This year was especially fun since my son and nephews are old enough to enjoy it.

I love making memories with my son, this is so important. I have realized the more he experiences the more he understands and learns. I remember hearing stories from mom who is a retired teacher how some of her students had never left the town they were born in so they didn’t understand what the world was about.

After we visit places my son talks about it for days. He remembers so much and loves to share his experiences. I would rather make memories then buy toys!

Long School Days Booster

Being a full time mom and a full time student, I am always exhausted! I try and get to bed early but regardless I am always exhausted. I knew there had to be something I could take to help perk me up besides energy drinks! So I did a little research and found Natrogix Garcinia Cambogia, these are all natural pills that not only help with energy but have helped me with my appetite.

I noticed shortly after I started taking them how alert I felt and no more 1:00 p.m. yawns! I feel as though I can make it through the day now.  These are made with veggie capsules so no yucky ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

So if you are like me having trouble staying awake during the day and feeling drained all the time, you  should check them out!!

Single Mother Tips

I am a full time mother and a full time student. I have had to learn to cut corners and save when shopping for essentials. I wanted to share a few tips that I have learned along the way!

  1. Couponing. Now, I am NOT organized and don’t clip coupons and have a folder but what I did is super easy. I downloaded the Dollar General App and clip those coupons almost daily and watch a few Dollar General Facebook Pages as to what is on sale and what I can get cheap almost daily. This has saved me for years from paying full price on cleaning supplies and even food!
  2. I use Fetch with every receipt I receive to save even more money! It is so easy and I have been able to purchase gift cards with my receipts!
  3. Good grades equal scholarships! This part has taken a lot of hard work but being a single mom you don’t have a choice but to work hard!
  4. Lastly, it isn’t about the gifts or toys they have or receive, it is about the time spent, I love finding FREE activities to do with him on the weekends, rather go hiking or site seeing. I also like the idea of telling family and friends instead of toys we love going and doing so tickets to upcoming functions are always welcome!

Although this is extremely hard it is worth it knowing you are bettering yourself for you children, or in my case my son.


Eating Healthier Keto Friendly!!

2020 I decided to dedicate three things to myself.

  1.  Eat healthier. My sister was doing the Keto diet and has lost weight quickly, so of course I was curious.  I was so excited to try a couple recipes she shared. First was the Parmesan Crisp. Super easy and oh so yummy!

Add shredded Parmesan cheese on wax paper and cook on 400 for 7 mins or until crisp and you have an amazing snack! The next thing we tried was Stuffed Cabbage. This was so fulfilling!    Delish!!

Fry cabbage for 7 mins while browning 1 pound of hamburger meat, add onion and garlic salt, once brown add one can tomato paste and one can of tomato sauce.  Layer cabbage the meat mixture and top with shredded Mozzarella cheese. Then cook till cheese is is brown.

2. Being organized, my life is so much easier but organizing. I am currently working on adding shelves and having an easier access. I have learned this makes my life so much easier!

3. Graduate!! This year I finish my RN nursing school and although I am so ready to be done, I have learned so much and am excited to learn more!

Having Trouble With Acne?

Loma Lux acne pills are a healthy skin formula. It naturally helps relieve ace, rosacea (where someone has enlarged blood vessels making them have a flushed appearance) and redness. It is mainly targeted for teens and adults who are not happy with the acne they have. It a natural skin formula so it does not dry out or irritated your skin. With five years of extensive research and development lead to the perfect balance of skin-nourishing formulas to create natural real relief. Loma lux is based on an individual’s body weight so it’s not the same dosage for everyone. 50-100ib take 1 pill daily, 100-150 take 2 pills daily, 150-200 take 3 pills daily, 200+ take 4 pills daily. I love how they have found a way to accommodate everyone so you have the perfect dosage for your skin! I have taken the pills for 7 days and have seen amazing results.


Generally, people start to see results in 1 week (as I have) however sometimes it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get the full effect. The pills have a natural berry flavor which causes a great berry flavor in your mouth. The pills are chewable, so do not worry about having to swallow a pill whole. You will want to chew the pills and then dissolve in your mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. You will want to try not to eat anything for 10 minutes after the pills are taken. Please let me know how you like this product or let me know if you have any questions about it!

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