How To Spend Less On Car Insurance

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Car insurance is one of the biggest costs of being a driver and it’s a cost that is continuing to go up. If you’re tired of expensive car insurance payments, here are a few tricks that could help you to spend less no matter what your vehicle is.


Shop around


Many drivers are eager to cling onto their no-claims bonus, but sometimes it pays more to switch. When looking for cheap car insurance near me, I tend to use comparison sites. These are the best way to collect lots of quotes quickly and find the cheapest deal.


Up your deductible


A deductible is the amount that you’re willing to pay out of your own pocket in the event of a claim. If you’re not accident-prone, opting for a high deductible could be a good idea – it can considerably decrease your rates in some cases.


Park off-road


You may also be able to save money by not parking on the curb. If you’ve got a garage or driveway, consider making use of it as it could save you money. The same applies to private carparks for apartment buildings.


Take care with your job title


Certain job titles may trigger warnings to insurers that suggest that you are a high-risk driver, so be careful as to which title you use. Certain job titles such as ‘car salesman’ and ‘racing driver’ are expensive due to their nature involving cars, whilst a professional like ‘DJ’ is also expensive as DJs often must park near bars where vandalism is more common. Sometimes changing the wording of your job title can make a difference such as choosing ‘writer’ over ‘journalist’ (journalists are stereotyped as travelling around the country looking for stories whilst writers work from home, even though the reality is that both probably work from home).  


Look into bundle deals


Sometimes you can save money by taking out a bundle deal. For example, getting insurance for your home and your car can sometimes lower costs. Meanwhile, having multiple family members on one insurance scheme may make things cheaper for some of the family members (although more expensive for others).


Pay annually


One annual payment is usual equivalent in cost to eleven monthly payments. In essence, you could be getting a month’s free insurance by paying annually. Few people can pay such large instalments out of pocket, but by putting money each month into a savings account and paying out of here, you might be able to afford it.


Consider a black box


Black box insurance is a drastic measure, but it can bring down your insurance rates dramatically. It basically involves putting a black box in your vehicle which monitors your driving and control of speed. If you prove that you can drive safely, your insurer will reward you by charging discounted rates. This type of insurance has become common amongst new drivers.


Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Soft



When we have a baby they immediately become the centre of the universe to us. Every second of the day revolves around making sure our little angel is happy, that he is comfortable and that he feels loved. It’s a huge privilege to become a parent and we will do anything we can to make sure our child grows up healthy and as happy as they can be.


The term, soft as a baby’s bum, is one which definitely stems from reality and our babies have soft and supple skin throughout their early years, but this isn’t without our help. Babies have very sensitive skin and they are unable to produce oil like we do to keep it lubricated, and this is why we have to take steps to keep their skin soft and supple throughout their first years of life. Here are some of the top remedies you can use this year to keep your baby’s skin soft.


Fruit Sap


It might sound a little bit strange, but one of the greatest ways you can make your baby’s skin more soft is to feed them fruit juices. Fruit juice contains natural extracts and oils which cleanse the skin and make it soft and smooth. You can start feeding your baby fruit juice from three months onwards and it can be a wonderful supplement to their diet for the skin and general health too.


Hot Oil Massage


Before we start with this, of course you shouldn’t use HOT oil on your baby because you will risk hurting them, but oil which is warm to the touch is ideal for this next trick. Massaging with hot oils is a practice which shouldn’t be new to you because it has been used for adults for thousands of years to make the skin soft and youthful for much longer in life. It is important to make sure that we massage our baby gently with oil once a week or so to give them those essential oils and allow their skin to soak up the moisture. It will keep your baby from developing a rash or dry patches on their skin.


Body Pack


The last thing we ever want is for our baby to be in pain, and if you are wondering how to treat your baby’s rash or dry skin, one of the best methods is using a body pack which is chocked up with healthy oils and gentle hydrating chemicals. You can find mild body packs anywhere and place them around your baby, letting it soak in for 15-20 minutes before taking it off and cleaning the skin. If you don’t want to buy a pack you can make one at home with milk, sandalwood paste, oil and turmeric.


Lukewarm Water


When it comes to giving your baby a bath at the end of the day it can be a challenge to get the temperature of the bath just right so it isn’t too hot or cold for your baby. Make sure you keep the temperature of water fairly low, but not cold, to ensure that your baby’s skin doesn’t dry out and crack with the heat. Baby’s are much more temperature sensitive so be sure to take your time making sure that the bath is the best it can be for your child.




As we use in our own skin, it is always helpful to have gentle moisturiser to use in your baby after a shower and at multiple points during the day. As you will know, baby’s skin dries out very quickly so it needs a boost to keep it healthy. Be sure to hydrate it with a sensitive moisturiser such as E45 intense moisturiser or something similar which doesn’t contain any fragrance. Massage the cream into the skin to help it soak in and your baby will be much happier as a result.




This one might sound a little counterintuitive, but actually, exposure to a small amount of sunlight each day is important for your baby’s health. When we sit in the sun our skin produces vitamin D, and this vitamin is used in the body to repair muscles, keep us healthy and it can improve the skin. Giving your child a small amount of sun exposure each day will ensure that their skin stays soft and supple for longer.


Gentle Scrub


A simple scrub can be made at home with sugar, olive oil and a drop of honey. If you are able, try to scrub your baby’s skin for a few minutes 2-3 times a week before you bathe them. It will work to cleanse the skin and get rid of any dead skin cells, and it will keep your child’s skin soft and shiny for a long time. It is a great remedy which you can use on yourself too and it is totally natural.

Can You Be On The Sideline And Still Profit?

Economies are made up of small individuals factors. Much like an ant colony making a bridge to cross a river, everyone in an economy needs to do their fair share or it will be dragged down. This means that the majority of people need to work, physically and mentally to retain a skill that the market requires. It’s what some people call having a ‘normal’ job whereby you are putting in the hours, working for a company and taking home your daily bread. And for some people this isn’t what they want and lust after a job that will keep them happy and maintain their lifestyle that isn’t ‘normal’. Hence this new generation of people who want to retire early and know that getting a 9 to 5 job simply won’t help them in this endeavor. Therefore, how can you still profit and set yourself up for financial freedom as early as possible yet remain on the sideline?




Watching the show


Ever just feel like people watching? You get to learn a lot about people by simply sitting back and watching their behavior. You don’t interact with them but you can see how they move, talk, present themselves and their body language and figure out what kind of personality this person has. Imagine if you could use this same philosophy in the world of business and finance to make yourself a health revenue stream? This is what an index fund is whereby there are many different stocks in one index such as FTSE 500 or Fortune 500 and they can be invested in rather than single stocks. Usually this means that the index will be pertaining to a sort of standard such as FTSE 100 being some of the largest and most successful companies in the UK. therefore when you invest in an index fund, your money will be spread throughout all the stocks that index carries. If one should fall in price, you will not make a loss if another stock rises. It becomes like a seesaw effect and gives you the ability to earn a profit from stocks without actually owning any shares and getting involved on a deeper level.



Just the asset


Financial assets such as commodities, indices, forex, currencies and treasuries are just like stocks in that they fluctuate all the time. Their value is definitely more stable than a stock but they do shift percentages just as much. That’s where the what is cfd trading question comes in. you can take up a position that shows you have invested in a currency devaluation. Should the US Dollar fall in comparison to the Chinese RMB then you will make a profit based on your margin field i.e. the actual difference between your position and the price you started at. Again, you don’t own the asset, you’re just predicting what kind of behavior it will exhibit. Standing on the sideline, you can study the atmosphere in the markets and make an educated decision to make yourself a nice profit.


You need not get involved on a deep level of personal ownership regarding stocks and the market. Investing into an index fund is more stable than picked an individual stock that will be more volatile.


15 Simple Ways To Get More Comfortable At Home


It’s not always easy to feel that comfortable at home. That’s such a bold statement, but it’s so true. Our homes are where we should look to for comfort and security. Sure, if you have a great security system in place, or you live in a great neighborhood, then you’ll have the security part covered off pretty easily. And when it comes to the comfort side of things, we tend to find that we automatically feel comfortable at home. We’ll throw our shoes off, lay on the couch, and just enjoy the space that we have. However, that’s just kind of the way we feel because it’s how we’re supposed to feel! When you step back and really think about it, you may find that you’re not so comfortable in your home after all. One of the reasons for this could be that you didn’t make it comfortable for yourself in the first place. So how do you remedy it?


Well, you have to make a conscious decision to get more comfortable at home. It’s important that you really think about each area of your house and how you’re going to make it work. This is not only in the decor choices that you make, but also in the functionality too. And not only that, but also how you feel when you’re in the home too. Because it all adds up to you feel really content about where you live. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be hard. So let’s take a look at what you can do.


  1. Begin With A Theme


First of all, you’re going to want to think about the kind of theme that you want to go with for your entire home. And some themes are always going to be more comfortable than others. Shabby chic or farm home will always look comfy, but modern monochrome may not. But, you could go ahead and make sure that you choose the right pieces using the other sections here to make it more comfortable.


  1. Think About How You Want To Feel In Your Home


The next thing you need to do, is really think about how you want to feel in the home. Because this is going to help you to design each room well. So really think about how you want to feel about in each space and it will guide you to choosing the right elements.


  1. Start In The Entryway


So then, you’re going to want to begin. And it’s always a great idea to start at the entryway. You may wonder why you’d go with the entryway, as it probably doesn’t seem too comfortable – but that’s the exact reason why. So start here, and do what you can to create a comforting and cozy entryway so that every time you come through the door you instantly feel comforted.


  1. Make You Home Look Pretty From The Outside


So then the next thing, why not think about making your home look pretty on the outside too. The idea here is to think about setting the feeling before you even get through the door. So make sure that the house is all painted up and looking great. Keep the driveway and front yard looking great, so that it gives off the best kind of first impressions.


  1. Give Yourself Space & Organization


And from here, you’re then going to want to move into the garage and make sure that’s all clean and tidy. Because garage organization and a nice and tidy driveway will make you feel more comfortable when you get home. If you pull into the driveway and garage and everything’s a mess, it may affect how you feel. So, you’re going to want to think about great organization options that will allow you to pull it all together.


  1. Make Your Living Space A 100% Comfort Zone


So now you’re going to want to tackle the most comfortable space in the house, and this will always be your living room. Here, you’re going to want to look for some cozy decorating ideas to help you to make sure that the space is 100% comfortable and the one room in the house that you can always go to to relax in.


  1. Get Comfortable In The Kitchen


From here, you’re then going to want to try and comfort up the kitchen. And this can seem really difficult, but, you can bring in cozy accessories that make your kitchen feel homely. Even candles and flowers, and keeping the temperature up for you can really work here.


  1. Make Living Comfortably


And now, you can look to bridge the space between the two. We all know that we should be living healthy lives, but it can be tough. You need to make it as easy as possible. So, why not work in convenient ways to be healthy around the home? From the way that you organize your pantry to the comfort of your dining space, but also so that your home life easily facilitates your lifestyle.


  1. Get Your Storage Down


So the next thing you need to do here, is to make sure that your storage is in place. And this sounds super boring, but if you want to have a really comfortable living space, it needs to be organized. So you’re going to want to get shelving and cupboards and closets so that you can keep your chaos organized and ensure your living space is fresh and inspiring.


  1. Add Trinkets That Make You Happy


So something else that can make your downstairs living areas as comforting as possible, is to make sure that you have trinkets through the house that make you happy. From pretty coffee table books to wall art, candles and decorative pieces, there’s so much you can add. And if these items boost your space and make you happy, it’s going to add to how you feel in the home.


  1. Make Your Home Flow


Now from here, you’re going to want to make sure that the comfort levels flow on up through the house too. Because you’ll want to make sure that your hallway manages to bridge your living space to your upstairs area to keep the comfort and happiness going throughout the house.


  1. Make Your Bedroom Beyond Comfortable


So then, you’re going to want to make sure that your bedroom is incredibly comfortable. Because it’s the space that you want to relax in and be able to have such a good night’s sleep – and so it has to be comfortable. So here, when you’re buying a mattress, make sure that you choose something that is super comfortable. And think about the kind of carpet that you want in the room to make sure you feel comforted when you walk right into the room.


  1. Focus On The Extra Touches


But the best part of the process with your bedroom is to make sure that you’re focusing on the extra touches that make it incredibly comfy. Great things you can bring into the room are heated blankets or a faux fur blanket, and then even things that can add to your comfort levels like silk pajamas or an eye mask so that you’re super comfortable. And, of course, you need to choose sheets that are going to add to your sleep experience.


  1. Do Something Just For You


From here, it’s onto the finishing touches. And this is something that you’re going to want to do just for you. Great things that you can bring into the house are candles or home scents. Just anything nice that makes you feel so happy and comfortable at home. Sometimes it’s these little things that bring all of your efforts together.


  1. Have A Space Just For You


And then, to take that one step further, you could go on to create a space just for yourself. Maybe you have a spare room that is collecting dust or a basement that is piled high with junk? Then why not use it? Why not use it and turn it into a place just for you, that makes you even happier and more comfortable in your home? A movie theater room, a writing room, or a relaxation room could be exactly what you need to fall more in love with your home.


So there you have it. You have fifteen different tips for you to be able to take on board and apply to your life at home. Most of these ideas are about the home. But some of them are things to do with you and how you feel in the house. Either way, when you get to work on your home and how comfortable you are in it, you will start to realize just how amazing you feel and how comfortable you are too. And when you have an entire home that you feel great in, you know your quality of life will improve.


Make Saving Money A Way Of Life

We’re not all natural at this, and for some of us, the thought of saving money is painful. Because the money we earn is something we like to spend, enjoy, and definitely not keep for a rainy day. But, if you’re still living in this mindset, then you haven’t really moved past high school. As soon as you leave the comfortable embrace of those highschool walls, you start to realise what the real world is going to throw at you. What it’s going to throw at you is a ton of problems, and most of them will directly link back to money. So, if you truly are living in the mindset that you don’t need to save money, then we’re here to show you why you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re not saying that you have to stop living a great life here, we’re just saying that a few things that you might be doing wrong need to be changed, and we’ll show you the benefits of changing your bad ways! So, if you have zero savings at the minute, and you don’t have a clue about how to save money during your day to day life, then have a read of this, and see if we can turn your finances around.

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The thing that pretty much all of you are going to be terrible at. Budgeting is just not easy, but the more you try it, the more you’ll realise that have a plan with your money laid out for you is so much better than just going through the month, spending as you go, and hoping that you still have enough money to last you the last two weeks of the month. But budgeting isn’t second nature to the majority of us, so something we’re going to need a push in the right direction to make sure our money is set out right, and we’re making some savings along the way. Well, here is your push in the right direction. First of all, write down your total monthly pay. Then write out all of your bills and deduct them. The write down how much fuel, parking for work, or essentials you’re going to need each week. We’re talking your food shop and things like that, not essentials such as a meal deal from McDonald’s. Once you’ve got absolutely everything out of the way with that you usually spend each week and month, you should be left with a lump sum of money that is yours to spend. Wrong, it’s not yours to spend, it’s yours to use wisely. Divide the total by four as there are four weeks of the month. You should be left with more than enough for the weeks. So, take a chunk of that off, making sure that you leave yourself enough to live comfortably. That chunk needs to go straight into your savings account. You should have left yourself enough money to be able to enjoy yourself, so that you’re not dipping into your savings account each week!




Couponing is fun, but it can be taken to an extreme. There have been reports that it can actually become and addiction, but let’s not focus on the negative side of it. Couponing is actually really fun when you get into it, and the rewards you’ll feel when you know you’re saving yourself a ton of money each month will be more than worth the effort. Because it can also be a big effort. It used to be more so that you would get coupons out of magazines and newspapers, and they could easily be used in the stores. But nowadays, people are shopping more on the internet than they are in stores, so it’s actually so much easier to find coupons through the internet! You can easily get a coupon code and use it at most major online stores, saving you an absolute fortune when you shop. We know most of you won’t have been interested in this before, you’ll just simply make the payments when it comes to checking out. So, if you don’t use it at all at the minute, try your hand at a bit of couponing, and let us know how much you end up saving each month!


Locked Savings Accounts


Are you someone has an open savings account, actively puts money across into it, and takes it back out again the next week? Welcome to the club if you do. We’re all so bad at managing our savings accounts because they’re just so easy to access and take from. And when money is getting pretty tight, the first thing you’re going to reach to is all that money that you conveniently put away. It allows you to spend as you want still, and doesn’t give you any restrictions or control on your spending habits. So, we want you to think about setting up a locked savings account. It will be so much more beneficial for you to have a locked one in the long run. All you have to do is make sure you’re not putting too much aside each month. If you ever need to call on the money, you won’t be able to! The savings accounts usually have rules. A minimum deposit to set up the account, a minimum monthly deposit agreement, and you’ll only be able to make a certain amount of withdrawals a year. These rules are what make it so effective!


Self Control


Self control is the last thing that you need to try and master. Self control is something we all have very little of, which is one of the reasons why you’re reading this article! The more money we have, the more tempted we are to actually spend it. So, rather than thinking of the money that you can spend all of the time, take some time to think of the money that you can save. If you get yourself in the right mindset, and find a way to learn some self control when it comes to things such as shopping, you should have no problem with saving money in life!

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