Packing For The Big Move? Read These Tips First

Moving home can be incredibly stressful, not least because of all the packing you need to do. However, by following a few simple tips and ideas, you should be able to get ahead of yourself, limit the disruption to your normal life, and enjoy a stress-free build up to the big day.


We’ve covered moving home before on this blog, but today, we’re going to take things a little step further, and include a little more detail. Here are some essential and practical packing tips you need to know before moving house.

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Go Big On Packing Supplies


The first step is to make sure you have enough packing supplies. You will be surprised at how much you are going to need. Small, medium, and large boxes; heavy-duty solutions for valuables and crockery; lots of tape to seal them – the list is a long one! Don’t forget about material for wrapping up your household items, either. Things like shredded paper, bubble wrap, and offcuts of cardboard are ideal.


Start Early


The earlier you start packing, the easier it will be. Never leave things to the last minute unless you are happy to suffer from stress and worry as the hours tick away – and they will, rapidly! It’s a good idea to make a plan before getting started, so you know exactly what to pack away and when. Begin with boxing up all the items from rooms that you don’t use, then move on to out-of-season items.




As soon as you get started with your packing, be ruthless in what you take – and what you leave. According to, decluttering at this stage will save you a lot of time and money, and it may even make you a few bucks if you decide to sell your unwanted items on eBay or have a yard sale.


Book Early


It’s a good idea to book your removal company sooner rather than later. Reliable movers tend to get booked up as much as six months in advance, which gives you a good indication of how early you should get in touch. Make sure you inform them of the correct services you need, too. As points out, you may need to arrange specialized white glove removals for all your valuables. The removal company will also give you some ideas about how they work, and what you can do to save them some time and you some money.


Label Everything


Always write the contents of each box on the outside. And, if possible, indicate the room they will be going in when the boxes arrive at the new home. This will help you ensure the unpacking process isn’t a nightmare when you get to the house, and also helps the movers understand where you want everything put.


Prepare Your Essentials


By the last few days before the move, you should have cleared most of your house. However, those items that you need to use every day need to be in a box of their own so you can access them. This box of essentials will not only help you survive until the big move but also be incredibly helpful when you get to the other side. Good luck with the move!


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