Owning A Home Is Risky Business

Are you a first time homeowner? Or are you someone who has been on the property ladder for more years than they care to count? Whoever you are, or however long you’ve spent owning your own home, you should know by now that owning a home is actually risky business. When you think about it, you’ve invested hundreds and thousands of pounds into a property that could easily be ruined if you weren’t careful enough. There’s just so many risks that can affect a property, not only the things that could damage it but wider issues that homeowner faces. That’s what we’re going to explore today. The issues all homeowners seem to face, and how you can make sure you’re keeping yourself and your home as safe and as happy as possible.


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Outside Dangers


There are so many outside dangers that your home could face that we would potentially be here for days writing about them. So for now, we’re just going to pick out some of the most common outside dangers and how they could potentially affect your household. By outside dangers, we mean the external factors that could seriously affect the way a house is ran, or the integrity of a house altogether. First on the list is the people who might want to get in your home so badly, whether you’re there or not. We’re talking about thieves, and we have good reason to. The number of homes that are being broken into all over the world, not just in the US is appalling. More and more people are being subjected to the absolute turmoil that is created when someone chooses their house to steal from. There’s not much you can do in the way of stopping it, apart from taking some preventive measures to try and warn off potential thieves. The first thing you can do is install security cameras at the front and back of your home. Usually this is enough to scare away thieves, but if not, it can at least help you in your quest to make sure they’re caught. If getting security cameras installed is too expensive for you, you can always get fake cameras that look like the real thing, and will have the same effect when scaring them off. Finally, make sure you have contents insurance for your home to make sure that you can at least get some money back if something as terrible as this does happen. Making sure you’ve got the strongest locks for your doors is also recommended.


The second external factor that we need to talk about is pests or dangerous animals. Living in the US, you’re going to be prone to this whether you like it or not. A lot of home in Florida for example is surrounded by lakes, swamps, or rivers that are home to many alligators and snakes. As worrying as this might be, all of those homes are protected by a mesh cover at the back meaning not much can get through. But snakes can be pests, and they often do find their ways into pools or houses without the owners realizing until it is too late. Other parts of the US are just as susceptible to things like this, if not worse. What you need to do is check out this company, and have them on standby if something like this ever does happen. There’s just not a lot you can do to prevent it, but at least you could get the problem solved asap. If you’ve got children involved, the matter becomes a lot more pressing, especially if they’re young and curious. To them, a snake might look like a friendly new toy that they want to play with. Pest companies can also help you deal with the more minor issues that you might be having such as ants or cockroaches. These find their way into homes easier as they’re attracted to the sweet scent of sticky sweets or drinks that might have accidentally been spilt. All of the sudden you could have an army of ants in your home, it can be super scary!


Self Inflicted Dangers


Us homeowners just don’t help ourselves sometimes. We can often be the cause of danger without even realising it. So, how many of you reading this will admit you leave the house without turning off all the plugs, and making sure all of the lights are switched off. We guarantee nearly all of you will say that you don’t turn them off. Whilst it might seem innocent to a lot of you, there’s still a fair bit of power running through those plugs into your electrical items, whether the items themselves are turned on or not. This current can easily spark a freak fire which then threatens to ruin your whole home. If you’re not in when this happens, then without a doubt the majority of your home will be ruined. Think smart about what you’re doing around the home, and make sure you’re making the best decisions to keep it safe. A lot of people are also terrible for not having an alarm nowadays, or even forgetting to lock the door. If you have an alarm set and it goes off whilst your out, most alarm companies now give you a courtesy call asking you if you’re home and if it was you that caused it, if the answer is no the police are contacted and any potential thieves can be caught. If you have no alarm set, they’re left to run round your home freely! Always make sure you have a working home alarm, and always make sure you’re keeping it activated when going outside. As for forgetting to lock the door, this is just a habit that some people have, and often it is just an accident. Try and get it in your head to triple check the door is locked before leaving to go out. At least then you’ll have the piece of mind that your home is protected whilst you’re not there.


So, now you see that owning a home isn’t actually as easy as it may seem, and it definitely does have its risks. But at least you’re now going to be protected against the major risks you might face.

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