Open House: How To Create A Welcoming Guest Bedroom

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One of the greatest pleasures of having your own home is inviting friends, family and loved ones to stay over as guests. Proving a comfortable, welcoming space for them while they stay with you is a sure fire way to make them feel valued and want to visit again. But creating the perfect guest bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple touches can make all the difference. Here’s how…


A Welcoming Atmosphere


It’s easier than you think to provide a cozy, hospitable space that will make your guests feel welcome. Even the smallest of box rooms can be made to feel special. Avoid using old sheets and a lumpy mattress – invest a little in Goose feather pillows and a fresh set of bed linen to give the space a lift and make everyone comfortable.


The Little Touches


Some last minute additions can make your space feel cared for and signal to your guests that they are welcome in your home. Try a bunch of fresh flowers on the windowsill, a few scented candles to provide a fragrant, flickering glow at night and a stack of neatly folded towels. You can also pull together a guest basket with sample toiletries and a cosy pair of slippers, plus some newspapers and magazines so your guest have everything they need.


Good Lighting


Make sure that your guests can easily control the amount of light and shade in their rooms, to suit individual preference. Black out blinds can be really useful to help them sleep in if they’re jet-lagged or have had a long journey, and make sure there is a lamp or two for soft lighting and so they can read in bed at night. The right lighting gives a room a restful atmosphere and offers a practical touch as well.


Keep Their Belongings Safe


There’s nothing more unwelcoming than a guest room with nowhere for your guests to unpack, but many of us use our guest bedrooms as overflow storage for our own things. Make sure that you clear some wardrobe and drawer space for your guests to use, even temporarily. A chic ottoman can provide storage for extra blankets and pillows as well as seating or somewhere to lay out clothes.


Drinks and Snacks


One way to make your guests feel truly at home is to make a drinks station. Sometimes, it can feel awkward bothering your hosts whenever you’d like a drink, or guests may get up earlier or later than the usual household routines. Putting a coffee machine in there means there is a no mess way for them to make a hot drink, and think about also providing a jar of Homemade cookies as an extra treat. Then if guests feel peckish they can help themselves!


Creating a great atmosphere for guests can be as simple as adding a few creature comforts to their space. Follow these simple steps and your guests will be dying to come back and spend more time in your beautiful home.


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