My New Obsession!!

My new obsessions!!

Two of my favorite things in one: coffee and saving money! Normally I would make my weekly round to spoil myself with Starbucks. I would always cringe when I would have to pay over 6 dollars for a Starbucks drink but I would tell myself “Hannah you are worth it. Treat yo self”. Well, today while making my rounds in Victoria (the city that has Starbucks in) I realized I would not have time for my Starbucks. What how could I do this with myself. Coffee is like. Starbucks is life.

I feel like that all changed when I walked into The Kahve. Holy crap it was cute, from the chalkboard menu to the decorations on the wall. It was love at first sight. I was excited, I waited patiently in line and ordered a cinnamon coffee. The Kahve is kind of like Starbucks, but a lot cheaper and in my personal opinion as good. My cinnamon coffee was to die for and only THREE DOLLARS. I repeat THREE DOLLARS. Why have I never gone to this cute little coffee shop before?? I didn’t even know a store would compare to the amazing Starbucks but I guess The Khave does. The Khave is great, cheap, and definitely, somewhere I will be returning.

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