Match Your Motor To Your Lifestyle In 3 Simple Steps

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If you’re after a new car, the chances are you want something a little more salubrious than the motor you have now. You may have saved up for a little while and have a hefty amount in your bank account ready to be unleashed on a new vehicle. While it’s sitting there wallowing, you need to decide what sort of motor you want to see sitting on your drive. You might be keen to part exchange and save a few dollars on the purchase price. It doesn’t matter how you are funding your new set of wheels, it’s vital that your vehicle suits your lifestyle. Take a look at the sorts of motors you might be tempted to buy.




While you might not have considered purchasing a home on wheels, if you love the great outdoors, adore nothing more than going camping for the weekend and yearn for going where the wind takes you, then you might want to scrap the idea of getting a car. A campervan does everything a car can do and so much more. You can still commute to work, visit friends and family and do the weekly shop. At the same time, you’ll be able to venture off on a road trip at a moment’s notice all the while showing off how achingly cool you are driving your retro 1980s campervan. While it might seem a little self indulgent, a campervan may be a practical option.




If you live alone, do a lot of city driving and money is tight, there’s nothing better than a simple yet trusty hatchback. So long as you aren’t heading out on the highways and making long journeys, hatchbacks can be a financially sound option. The insurance is low, they are cheap to buy and the parts are easily accessible should anything go wrong with your motor mechanically. If finances are tighter than you’d like, think about investigating auto loan rates to see if you can budget a little more stringently. For those people who want a small set of wheels and who aren’t petrol heads, then a simple vehicle that will get you from A to B will suffice.




If you have plenty of readies in the bank, you don’t have a small brood of tiny human beings in tow, and you enjoy the thrill of the open road, it might be time to treat yourself. A sporty little number may be just what you are looking for. While the insurance may be a tad higher, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will adore every drive you take. The horsepower will be immense, the handling will be a pleasure to master, and you will enjoy feeling the wind in your hair as you accelerate on the open road. While it might not be the most financially sensible or practical vehicle if you need plenty of trunk space, this is a sound investment if you want to have a carefree drive and fun when behind the wheel.


Purchasing your next car may be giving you a headache. However, by focusing on your lifestyle and the sorts of things you want from your vehicle, you will find the perfect set of wheels for you.

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