Making Room For Your Family In A Family Home

A family home is meant to be a big place – it’s meant to be spacious, where new additions can be brought into the household without any extra cost to you. But of course, things don’t always work out this way, and the real estate world can be a very fickle place. Sometimes the modern family just can’t get their hands on the home they really need, and sometimes, we have to pack our rooms to the brim to make sure our loved ones can fit inside them! 


And so, now’s the time to have a look into maximising this space, and the cheaper ways to add some more here and there. You can’t buy a whole new house, and sometimes it’s not worth the cost to do so either, so you’ll need to rely on tips for working with what you have.


So, if you’re someone who’s finding yourself in a zero space predicament, and you’ve got a family that desperately needs some new room to work with, feel free to read on for some ideas. 



Knock Through Some Rooms


Your home is going to have some walls that are simply not necessary. Of course, you’ve got your exterior walls, which are very much needed for keeping the elements out, and you’ve got your load bearing walls, which keep the floor above and the roof on top perfectly in place. But any other walls might just be getting in the way! 


Take your downstairs space, for example. You’ve got a separate kitchen and living area, or maybe you’ve got a TV/family room on the other side of the house. Why not remove a wall or two from these distinct rooms, and knock them through to form an open layout? It’ll maximise the space you have by tenfold, and it’ll mean you can keep an eye on the kids playing in the living room whilst you prepare the dinner in the kitchen. All in all, it’ll open up the ground floor, and give you a lot more to work with. You can move the sofa back to where the wall used to be, and you might be able to finally squeeze a coffee table in front of the TV! 


Remember, it’s a lot cheaper than trying to put an extension on the side of the house, so this is definitely a consideration if you’re running a family home on a budget. 


Focus on Storage Solutions


Storage solutions are king of the family home world, and you’ll find all kinds of creative and innovative tutorials for them online. After all, the more you can hide away your possessions and other various types of clutter, the better the traffic is going to move around your crowded home. Not to mention how clean and tidy things are going to feel, which’ll definitely better your mood from time to time! 


Make sure your storage solutions fit the rooms you’re popping them into. In the kitchen, for example, having some pull down shelves fitted in the cupboards will mean you can pack at least 10 more bottles of spice inside one, and some more cups and plates inside another. You’ll essentially be able to create space within space, as you’ll be able to store more items behind and underneath this removable unit, as well as use the compartments it comes with. 


Brighten Those Walls a Little


It might not actually create some room inside your home, but it’ll definitely provide you with the illusion that you have. If you can brighten the walls of your house, either with lighter, more pastel paint/wallpaper, or with some strategically placed mirrors, you’ll no longer feel so cramped when you walk into a room.


You can redecorate the whole house, from top to bottom, and make it seem like a brighter and more open space. But the mirrors you could hang up are going to have the most impact when placed in closets and hallways. They’ll help to keep the brightness bouncing around, even with only a passing glance, and try to get your hands on some floor to ceiling length mirrors as well. These are best for helping you to feel like the whole family fits just fine into your family home. 


Need to Find Room for Your Parents Too?


It’s a fact of life – sometimes, our parents have to come and stay (or live) with us, and not the other way around. Sometimes we have to host out elderly or aging parents for a few days or weeks, and sometimes they’re in need of a new home altogether. And because they’re your parents, you know there’s no question over putting a roof over their heads! 


But it can mean the space you have, that’s already being squeezed, gets strangled and turns blue from now on. You need a new bed, at least, to make sure your parents can sleep at night; that can mean either you, or one of your children, might have to sleep on the sofa for a little while. You might end up running out of room in the fridge as well… 


But if you’ve got the budget for it, and there’s a bit of room out the back or the side of your home, you can always swing an extension on. This can be anything from an extra room, to a conservatory, to a whole new granny flat renovation! The latter option deserves some particular focus here, as it’ll allow your parents to maintain their sense of independence whilst they live with you. These extensions are self catering by nature, and if you’ve got a mother who’s a bit stubborn and a father who prides himself on providing, this is a great way to accommodate them! 


Do you feel you have enough space inside your family home? If not, there’s always a thing or two you can do. Don’t let yourself live a cramped lifestyle for too long, and always think about upgrading or renovating to save on any further spacing costs. 

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