Killer Advice For First-Time Sellers



Millennials don’t have it easy. Sadly, there has never been a worse time to get on the property ladder. Let me rephrase that – there’s never been a more difficult time. Property values are at an all-time high and buyers have to think outside of the box to win. Maybe that’s one reason this Beach Lady post has been popular of late.


Buying isn’t the only issue; selling is tricky too. Experts tend to gloss over this fact and concentrate on buying because everyone wants on the ladder. But, it’s important to remember it is a ladder and you must sell to move further up the rungs.


Here’s the advice that can help.


Realtor Roulette


There are almost as many real estate agents on the market as there are attorneys. Picking one is tough if you have no idea what to look for in a professional. Plenty of cowboys can appear legitimate, which is what makes it a lottery in some respects. Thankfully, you’re the lucky type and are about to win big. To hedge your bets, use trusted sources for recommendations, from friends to family to work colleagues. Also, hone in on their personality. Don’t choose the person who is hell-bent on a sale. Go with the one that is driven but flexible as these tend not to give bad advice.


The Price Is Right?


It’s a question because lots of sellers aren’t sure how to value their home. And, even a world-class realtor won’t be able to help if the price is wrong. The agent will be able to provide advice, advice that you should consider. After all, he/she is an expert. Plus, the property itself will shed light on the right amount. Three bedrooms and a garage will get more than a two bedroom house, for example. Probably the best cheat is to evaluate properties in the area. Are they similar to your home? What is valuation? If they aren’t selling, then maybe think about dropping the price.


Bob The Builder


On a major scale, there is nothing wrong with the building whatsoever. It can do with a few quick repairs, but they are small things that are easy to deal with for buyers. Sorry, but this attitude doesn’t fly. Yes, a bidder can hire John McCarter Construction to whip the property into shape beforehand, but they won’t. Instead, they’ll bounce and look elsewhere. The reason is simple: they expect you to do the heavy lifting. If there is work to do, the seller should contact JMC and ask for a quote. They are going to pay thousands of dollars and want value for their money, which means an immaculate home.


Some Like It Hot


Selling is like taking a vacation – there is a peak season. It varies depending on the community, but it is usually in the summertime. The weather is excellent, the house gleams, and everyone is in a great mood. Compare this to the winter and it’s the opposite. So, choosing the right month as well as the perfect day is essential. If you’re unsure, The Balance has inspiration.


Are you a first-time seller? How do you plan to get over this hurdle?

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