Keeping Your House in Shipshape

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness – this is definitely an idiom that you should apply to your life, especially your home. Have you ever noticed that you feel a whole lot more content and comfortable when your home has just been cleaned? Well, this isn’t just coincidental. Various psychological studies have found that there’s genuine logic between health and cleanliness that goes beyond hygiene alone. Your mental health can actually improve by being in a clean environment that is free of clutter and dirt! So, if you want peace of mind and to be able to kick back in a haven of home at the end of the day, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the Marigolds on! Here are a few different areas of your home that you might want to focus on!




Windows are a much-neglected part of any home’s cleaning routine. Sure, you might run a cloth across your windows from the inside of your property, but what use is cleaning just one half of something that is transparent? No matter how well you might scrub the interiors of your windows, your view out will be just as obscured by whatever dirt might be lying on the outside. Even if you don’t have a direct mark or stain on the outside, it will still become dull and smeared from rain and dirt blew onto it by the wind. So hire a Window Cleaning professional who will have all of the necessary equipment to reach all of the spots of your windows, both ground level and above.




Floors in your home build up so much more dirt than you may initially realise. Think about it – they are constantly coming into contact with feet and any dust or dirt that goes up must come down, eventually settling on the floor. Darker coloured flooring can disguise all sorts of muck and mess, but just because you might not be able to see something distinctly, doesn’t mean you should ignore it. So, aim to clean all floors in your home at least once a week. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner for carpets and use a specialist carpet cleaner to scrub any spills or stains out as soon as they hit the ground. If you have wooden floors, use a clean mop and hot water mixed with disinfectant.




Your bedding should be changed at least once every two weeks. Once a week is ideal, but you may not necessarily have time to achieve this. Just make sure that you never go longer than two weeks, as a surprising amount of dirt and bacteria will establish themselves from day to day use. Wash your sheets on a hot wash and leave them to air dry before putting them back on.


While maintaining a spotless home will take a few more steps than mentioned above, these basics should get you started on the right foot. So, incorporate them into your cleaning routine and keep on top of them. Your home will be a haven in next to no time!

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