Keeping Your Home Nice And Cool When A Heatwave Strikes

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We’re quickly approaching that time of the year when temperatures reach ridiculous levels. It’s already pretty hot, but it’s about to get even hotter when July & August are in full swing. As a result, you need to prepare your home for a heatwave. If you get everything ready now, then you should have it all in order by the time a massive heatwave comes along.

Put Your Bedsheets In The Freezer

Immediately, there are some of you that are about to click off this article as you think I’m a lunatic! Please stay, I’m not out of my mind, I promise! While this idea sounds absolutely crazy, it’s actually very clever. Put your bedsheets in a plastic bag or covering, then stick them in the freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed. The result is a set of bedsheets that are now nice and cool. So, you can slip into bed and enjoy a cooling sensation that helps you get to sleep. As we all know, sleep is such an essential part of maintaining good physical and mental health. When a heatwave strikes, we can struggle to get to sleep, which leaves us feeling groggy and lethargic for days. Use this trick, and you’ll stay nice and cool!

Install An AC System

Air conditioning is by far and away the best solution when it comes to keeping your home nice and cold. It provides you with some sweet cold air and ensures no one in your home overheats. You may be worried about getting one as they can be expensive, but it’s honestly worth the investment. You’ll use it every summer for many years to come, and if you have a look on, you’ll see there are even scenting devices you can connect to your AC. So, it now has dual benefits; keeping your family cool in hot weather, and making your home smell positively fantastic. Of course, if you’re really strapped for cash, then the best alternative is to buy fans for every room. While they’re a lot cheaper, they’re also less effective and much noisier.


Turn Everything Off

No doubt your home is packed full of electrical appliances that you use all the time. Unfortunately, these things generate heat when they’re turned on. So, one way to cool your house down is by turning everything off. Turn off all the electrical appliances you’re not using, and make extra care to turn all the lights off in your house too. As it shows on, a light bulb can generate some serious heat. In fact, if you’ve ever touched one when it’s on, then you’ll know they get boiling! By turning off as many things as you possibly can, it reduces the amount of heat your home generates, so it becomes cooler.


I have a love-hate relationship with heatwaves. I love them because it means it’s not raining, but I hate them because it makes time in the home unbearable. But, with these sneaky tips, you can cool down your house and make it much easier to stay in. This should help you get a better night’s sleep when it’s warm, and just generally avoid melting!


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