Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Soft



When we have a baby they immediately become the centre of the universe to us. Every second of the day revolves around making sure our little angel is happy, that he is comfortable and that he feels loved. It’s a huge privilege to become a parent and we will do anything we can to make sure our child grows up healthy and as happy as they can be.


The term, soft as a baby’s bum, is one which definitely stems from reality and our babies have soft and supple skin throughout their early years, but this isn’t without our help. Babies have very sensitive skin and they are unable to produce oil like we do to keep it lubricated, and this is why we have to take steps to keep their skin soft and supple throughout their first years of life. Here are some of the top remedies you can use this year to keep your baby’s skin soft.


Fruit Sap


It might sound a little bit strange, but one of the greatest ways you can make your baby’s skin more soft is to feed them fruit juices. Fruit juice contains natural extracts and oils which cleanse the skin and make it soft and smooth. You can start feeding your baby fruit juice from three months onwards and it can be a wonderful supplement to their diet for the skin and general health too.


Hot Oil Massage


Before we start with this, of course you shouldn’t use HOT oil on your baby because you will risk hurting them, but oil which is warm to the touch is ideal for this next trick. Massaging with hot oils is a practice which shouldn’t be new to you because it has been used for adults for thousands of years to make the skin soft and youthful for much longer in life. It is important to make sure that we massage our baby gently with oil once a week or so to give them those essential oils and allow their skin to soak up the moisture. It will keep your baby from developing a rash or dry patches on their skin.


Body Pack


The last thing we ever want is for our baby to be in pain, and if you are wondering how to treat your baby’s rash or dry skin, one of the best methods is using a body pack which is chocked up with healthy oils and gentle hydrating chemicals. You can find mild body packs anywhere and place them around your baby, letting it soak in for 15-20 minutes before taking it off and cleaning the skin. If you don’t want to buy a pack you can make one at home with milk, sandalwood paste, oil and turmeric.


Lukewarm Water


When it comes to giving your baby a bath at the end of the day it can be a challenge to get the temperature of the bath just right so it isn’t too hot or cold for your baby. Make sure you keep the temperature of water fairly low, but not cold, to ensure that your baby’s skin doesn’t dry out and crack with the heat. Baby’s are much more temperature sensitive so be sure to take your time making sure that the bath is the best it can be for your child.




As we use in our own skin, it is always helpful to have gentle moisturiser to use in your baby after a shower and at multiple points during the day. As you will know, baby’s skin dries out very quickly so it needs a boost to keep it healthy. Be sure to hydrate it with a sensitive moisturiser such as E45 intense moisturiser or something similar which doesn’t contain any fragrance. Massage the cream into the skin to help it soak in and your baby will be much happier as a result.




This one might sound a little counterintuitive, but actually, exposure to a small amount of sunlight each day is important for your baby’s health. When we sit in the sun our skin produces vitamin D, and this vitamin is used in the body to repair muscles, keep us healthy and it can improve the skin. Giving your child a small amount of sun exposure each day will ensure that their skin stays soft and supple for longer.


Gentle Scrub


A simple scrub can be made at home with sugar, olive oil and a drop of honey. If you are able, try to scrub your baby’s skin for a few minutes 2-3 times a week before you bathe them. It will work to cleanse the skin and get rid of any dead skin cells, and it will keep your child’s skin soft and shiny for a long time. It is a great remedy which you can use on yourself too and it is totally natural.

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