It’s About Time You Had A #GirlsNightIn

There’s something amazing about dressing up and meeting the girls at a bar for cocktails, gossip and nibbles. Dolling up with a lush tan, fake lashes and the nicest Jimmy Choo’s is not only great for the confidence, it’s fun. Getting together with your friends to chat about life and really connect with each other is a part of life, and it’s something that everyone should be indulging in at least twice a month. The thing is, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for the new dress that a night out requires you to buy – and let’s be honest, girls: night out = new dress!

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When the budget doesn’t allow for cocktails and dancing, you’ve got to get creative, and that’s the fun part! A girl’s night in is the perfect remedy, as you can chill out and all contribute to the drinks and nibbles. You also don’t have to doll up. Sleepovers aren’t just for children, you know! You need to know exactly how to have the perfect girly night in, and we’ve got the most important ingredients for you below.

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Mix A Cocktail. Start off with making some cocktails in the kitchen together. You can experiment with flavours and colours and you can really have some fun mixing up the fruity concoctions. If everyone brings a flavour of juice or soda and a bottle of alcohol, you’ll have more than enough for the perfect cocktail.

Bring Snacks. Popcorn, cookie dough, brownies, soda and chips with dip are staples of a good girly night in. Have a night off of the diet and get stuck into something sugary. If everyone chips in, you could even order a pizza feast for your evening meal. You could go a little classier and have a dinner party for everyone, but there’s not as much fun in that as there is pizza in your pyjamas.

Netflix. Shop online at before the night in to get giant beanbag sofas – perfect for lounging while taking in the best chick flicks on Netflix. You each need to pick a movie and start working your way through them for the evening.

Makeovers. You could be in your mid-20s and still see something amazing in makeovers with your friends. Get those curlers out, girls, because it’s time to sit Grease-style with face packs and curlers in. Makeovers are the best way to swap beauty tips and get the best ideas for skincare from each other.

Pyjamas. As mentioned, sleepovers aren’t just for kids – make sure that you bring your most comfy pyjamas to the girly night in; you’re going to need them. You just can’t lounge around in jeans!

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Girls, we’ve got to stick together and keep our bonds as strong as possible. Getting together with your girlfriends is so important to remind you what the good things in life are. A strong friendship group is going to support you like a good bra – always there for you when you need them!

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