Is Your Bedroom Cozy Enough?

Your bedroom is the place where you should be able to bunk down and fall asleep easy as breathing, covered in warm and soft blankets, with your curtains closed and just letting the sun peak in when it’s rising at dawn. Even the sound of the image alone is great to think about!


But does your bedroom fit this kind of bill? Are you sleeping peacefully in there, surrounded by soft light and a bit of peace and quiet? Are you comfy enough in your bed, or are you tossing and turning like the princess and the pea? Either way, now’s your chance to sprinkle in some more comfort with the few tips we’ve listed out below. This could be a fast and simple project just in time for the winter weather!

Maybe you don’t have the money for a setup like this, but you can easily throw some more soft furnishings around! (Image)


Use Some Natural Textures


Natural textures can make us think of softness and comfort, without evening needing to reach out and touch, so you can be sure anything that comes directly from the world around us will be a welcome addition here. Maybe some wood for your headboard, or just a bit of paneling to go around the bottom of the walls? It’ll better trap the heat in!


Sure, you can mix and match your duvet and sheet fabrics all you like, but there’s nothing like being able to climb under a fluffy blanket made out of wool, on to soft cotton sheets fit for an Egyptian Pharaoh! These are all fibers that can be found in abundance out in the real world, so be sure to shop consciously for them.


Get a Bed Canopy


Bed canopies are wonderful for adding a sense of privacy and isolation to your bedroom, really allowing you to focus on your sleep pattern and how comfortable you feel away from everyone else living in your home. Even when you don’t have the rails already in place to drape one around the bed you sleep, you can easily set up some hooks to dangle it down from.


Just imagine, after a stressful day, being able to crawl into bed and literally shut the curtains around you. If you have issues with light or sound sneaking into your room and waking you from your slumber, this could be halfway to a perfect solution.


Get Rid of the Desk!


If you’ve got a desk in your room, and you like to sit at it and get your work done, stop that habit in its tracks right now! You’re going to want to move your desk elsewhere, like down into the living room or into the garage if you’ve got the time and space to convert it into some kind of office, as working in the room you sleep in can really change your perception of it.


And hey, once you’ve moved a lumbering piece like this out of the way, you can look into buying some more furniture for your bedroom! Pieces that have much more purpose being in your room, like a small loveseat you can cozy up with your partner in, or a giant bean bag you can flop down on and read a book in. You might even start dozing off here!


Hang Up a Hanging Chair


Speaking of furniture that has a better place in your room, why not get to creating different levels to the space you’re meant to relax in? Even if you just get a sheet and create your own little hammock, if you’ve got something to climb into and seperate yourself from the house around you, you’re going to feel a lot happier in your bedroom. Not to mention, you can be really creative with the set up you design here…


A hanging chair can be easily suspended from the ceiling, and you can add all kinds of cushions and accent pieces to it. Maybe tie some fake flowers around the wicker it’s woven out of, or add a reading light that can be easily clipped onto a surface. Whatever takes your fancy here, if you have a hanging chair, you can swing back and forth in your own room, gently rocking yourself into relaxation as you go.


Your bedroom is about to get a lot cozier, even if you think you’ve already managed that! Be sure to use some ideas like these if you’re stuck for inspiration – sharing creativity is always free after all.

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