Is It Time For A Complete Spruce?


How do you feel about your home right now? Whether you’ve just recently moved into a new place, or you’ve been in your house for awhile, you may be feeling a bit of a renovation coming on. It’s so easy to get swept up in the everyday process of living your life. Getting up, going to work, looking after the kids, trying to have some kind of a social life – and you tend to get comfortable with that. However, this also means that you don’t always get around to the things that you want to do. And this is often the case when it comes to renovation work. A lot of the time, you’ll find that you wait to do a spruce until you experience home issues and then you have to do it!


But wouldn’t it be nice to just take the bull by the horns and go all in with the renovation? If you have always wanted to do some renovation work, maybe now’s the time to make it happen. Maybe your interiors are looking a little shabby? Or maybe you’ve moved into a new place that really does need some work and you want to get to it before you get too comfortable and start to put it off? Well, when this is the case, you’re going to really want to get started. If you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know where to begin, here are ten different options to inspire you.


  1. Consider Extending


First of all, you’re going to want to work out whether or not you want to extend. Well, actually, the first step to take on this matter is to figure out whether you can actually extend. Because you need to have room around the side or rear of your property. If you do have the space and you want to get some extra room, then this is your first plan to put in place. Just make sure you decide whether you want to do a single story extension or double. Get your architect or contractor to work out the specifics and cost differences here.


  1. Consider Converting


But that’s not all, you may also want to consider any of the unused spaces in your home. From your basement and waterproofing it with, to your attic and converting it into a livable space, there’s a lot you can do. And don’t forget your garage. If you want to add it on as more living space, then build a freestanding garage, now’s the time.


  1. Strip The Place


At the same time, you’ll then want to ensure that you’re stripping the place bare while making these decisions. If there’s wallpaper and flooring in the place, it will all need to go. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re taking out the bathroom and kitchen, so that you’ve effectively got a shell to work with.


  1. Consider Your Theme


With a blank canvas, and before any of the work begins, you’ll want to ensure that you’re coming up with the theme of your decor. To do this, take a look at the different interior design styles that could work out for you. Make sure that you’re picking something that suits with your tastes and the style of home.


  1. Let The Building Work Begin


Now it’s time for the work to begin. When you’ve made the decisions and your architect has drawn up the designs for you, you then need to pick a contractor that you trust. Don’t always go on price. If you get a good feeling about one contractor and you think they get what you’re trying to achieve, go with them. And then, the bulk of the building work can begin.


  1. Decide On A Designer Or DIY


As the work is underway, or even before this part begins, you’ll want to consider whether you want to hire a designer, or you’re going to do it all yourself. If you’re not too sure right now, then these points on may help you to decide. Of course, a designer costs, but if you’re not so great at this yourself, it will be worth every penny.


  1. Choose Your Fittings


From here, you’re then going to want to pick out your important fittings. Here, we’re talking the kitchen and bathroom designs, but also things like the doors, windows, trimmings, and fireplaces. Anything that the contractors will need to work in place during their renovation process needs to be ironed out way before they get there. And you may need to allow time for delivery, so make your decisions ASAP.


  1. Paint & Lay Flooring


Your next job is picking out the paint and flooring choices too. Because as you have things like your kitchen and bathroom going in, you’ll need to have everything from your tiles to flooring to paint colors all up on the walls and floor. As tough of a decision this is, just make sure that you’re really thinking things over, consulting color trends, and going with your gut to make the right decisions.


  1. Get The Garden Together


Then it’s time to consider what you’re going to do with the outside space. This is something that can only start when all of the interior building work is complete. However, you can still work with a designer on what you want to achieve using ideas like to help you. Things like your patio area can often be made by your contractor, so again, it’s good to get in early here. Then you can work on the planting and landscaping when everything is finished.


  1. Add The Finishing Touches


Finally, you’re then going to want to go in with all of the finishing touches. And this can often be the hardest part. Because it’s your accessories and styling that can really create the perfect look. This is the point that hiring a designer always pays off. Because there expert eye can turn a boring blank space into something quite special.


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