I Gotta Go Swim, But Baby It’s Cold Outside

Garden pools bring all manner of benefits. With one of these babies, you can host killer pool parties and teach your kids to swim without having to pay for the privilege. And, you can make the most of your outdoor space on the hottest days imaginable. Heck, having your own pool is like lounging on a hotel patio for free whenever you fancy.



As summer draws to a close, the chances are that you’re making the most of every moment you and your pool can spend together. The kids are probably out there whenever the sun shines. You may even have one more party left before the weather turns for good. Then, you likely plan to shut up your pool, never to be seen again. Well, not until spring rolls around.

Not using an outdoor pool during the colder months is by no means out of the ordinary. Most pool owners take this tack when frosty mornings creep in. But, we’re here to tell you that you might want to think twice this year. In fact, we think you should cross closing your pool off your end of summer checklist altogether.


We know what you’re thinking. We must be mad, right? Think about it; you spent a small fortune to install that pool. You likely spend near enough that much again on maintenance. When you consider that, the idea of only using the thing for a few months annually seems criminal, doesn’t it?

Hence why you might want to consider extending that use through winter. There’s no denying that it’s a difficult habit to get into. You’ll likely come up with a whole load of reasons why you can’t swim through snow. But, we’re one step ahead of you. Read on to find out how to jump over any obstacle you put in your winter swimming way.

Baby, it’s cold outside

Weather is, obviously, the first thing you’re going to question. How on earth can you swim when the water is icy cold? But, there are a few solutions to this cold water dilemma. For one, consider that cold plunges have helped with health and well being for centuries. Admittedly, you don’t want to hang around for long in icy water. But, a once-a-day cold plunge can help with everything from circulation to rheumatism. So, you may want to keep your pool in use for this alone.

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If you don’t fancy the cold plunge of doom, it is possible to ensure that water isn’t so cold after all. All you need to do is install a pool heater. This may sound expensive, but it’s possible to get pretty decent options for less than $200. With one of these in place, you can stop your pool from freezing. You can also ensure it’ll be a toasty temperature when you fancy a dip. Imagine how good it would feel to swim in warm water with snow built up all around you.


Failing all the above, you could always consider what time of day you swim. It doesn’t take a genius that hopping the pool first thing could sting a little. But, even in the winter months, the sun brings more heat than you might expect. As such, an evening swim is sure to serve you much better.

It’s always blowing a gale

Cold temperatures aren’t the only weather issue we have to contend with during winter. Wind also causes its fair share of problems. When it comes to pools, in fact, wind can cause all manner of trouble. A few months into fall, you can bet that a whole load of leaves will fall into your pool. Or, more precisely, get swept there. Either way, swimming in a pile of twigs and leaves is hardly the ideal option. But, all hope is not lost here, either. In fact, if you invest in a pool cover like those reviewed on poolhottubs.com, there’s no reason this needs to be an issue at all. That way, you can uncover a completely clear pool every time you fancy a swim. Don’t think this has to be hard work, either. There are plenty of reel covers which are easy as pie to remove and replace. It’s also worth noting that this, too, could help with temperature issues. A cover in itself can work miracles when it comes to keeping cold weather at bay. On top of which, it is possible to buy solar and insulated covers which could take care of temp control for you. In cold climates, these would actually be preferable as they don’t rely on machinery. As such, you won’t need to worry about those mechanics seizing up in the frost.

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But, you have to get out at some stage

So, that’s the pool itself taken care of. But, nothing we’ve discussed so far changes the fact you need to step out into the cold. While the idea of hot swimming in snowy weather is idyllic, it sounds more like a death wish when you consider the temperature difference. And, there’s no denying that extreme changes like these will put a strain on your body. Which is why you need to think about warmth when you get out, too. We know what you’re thinking; you can’t control the weather. But, you can create firepits using guides like this one on abeautifulmess.com. Then, all you would need to do is light it ahead of time and leave your towels nearby to get toasty. Not too near, of course. You don’t want a fire, after all.

If you don’t fancy fire, you could always invest in some budget patio heaters for the same benefit. You can keep these right up close, and run to their warmth the moment you step out of the water. And, again, you should keep your towels nearby. The main thing to bear in mind here is that you need to get warm as fast as possible. It might even be worth investing in heatable slippers for walking home when you’re finished.

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