How To Get Your Kids Outside This Summer


The life of a child has changed. And while times will continue to change and our lives won’t ever look the same as our ancestors or future generations, you will always have pros and cons of how life looks today. Yes, we live in modern times and the advances that we’re experiencing are mind blowing, but it’s also changed the idea of a childhood as we know it. In short, our kids spend so much more time glued to screens than ever before. While we, as children, and generations before us, would play outside more, you may find it hard to get your kids outside at all! But with the summer coming up, you may want to ensure that you can get them out to play as much as possible. So here’s five tactics to help you to do that.


  1. Work On Your Garden


The first thing you can do is aim to make sure that your garden is so much more appealing. Maybe the reason they don’t play outside is because there’s nothing for them to do! While we would have gone off on mini adventures when we were children, safety concerns often stop us from encouraging our children to do the same. So if they are going to be confined to the backyard, you will need to make it entertaining for them. Bring in things they can play with, or even get them gardening with you so that they have something to maintain themselves.


  1. Plan Playdates Outdoors


If you know that you’re going to be booking lots of playdates this summer, why not arrange them outdoors? Don’t just think about the indoors locations or venues that you can meet at. If you are hosting them at home, make sure that you take things outside yourself. This is a great way to make sure that everyone enjoys a bit more fresh air and takes in some more nature.


  1. Get On The Go


Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you all get outside a lot more. Instead of hanging around the house this summer, head out and explore. Get on your bikes, invest in scooters, and look at the types of hoverboards to get. When you’ve all got more transport options, you’ll find it much more fun to get out as a family.


  1. Book Outdoor Activities


If you do want to enjoy some days out, try to make sure that the activities you choose are outside too. Think about the different outdoor activities that you can partake in. This is going to help you to think about how you can get fit and active more too.


  1. Limit Tech Time


Finally, if you really want to make sure that you get results here, think about limiting the amount of tech time that you let them have. If they aren’t allowed on their devices all day, then what else are they going to do? They might read or play games, but if the weather is nice, you know that they’ll probably just head outside.


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