How To Get A Better Night Of Sleep

All parents around the world will agree that there isn’t enough time in the day to get enough sleep. Between feeding times, cuddles, bathing, school runs, shopping and work, you barely get enough time to breathe, let alone sleep. However, sleep deprivation can lead to mental and physical problems in your health, so it’s important to get as much sleep as you possibly can. Struggling to get sleep even when you do get the chance? Take a look at these tips on how to get a better night of sleep and actually wake up feeling refreshed!

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Quit the alcohol

Many people use alcohol as a way of winding down at the end of each day, and some even use it to help them fall asleep in the first place. While this might work in the first instance, using alcohol for that reason is doing you no favours. Did you know that alcohol can be the reason that you’re feeling groggy each morning, not actually the amount of sleep you’ve had? Consider quitting alcohol before bed time so that you can have a more natural sleep and wake up fresher than ever.

Change your bed

Sometimes it might not be anything more than what you’re sleeping on or in that’s the problem. It’s recommended to change your mattress at least every eight years. However, many families and couples around the world haven’t changed their mattress in decades, and this is the reason that they don’t sleep very well. To truly get a good night of sleep, consider using sterling sleep as a company to buy your next bed or mattress from. Not only are they confident that you will get a better night of sleep, but they pride themselves in how easy their products are to keep clean.


No matter how tired you feel mentally, sometimes the reason for not sleeping is because you haven’t exerted enough energy in the day. Taking daily exercise will make the world of difference to your sleep pattern, and it will also make you fitter in general. Consider going for a long walk after dinner so that you can use up any pent up energy and drift into a natural and comfortable sleep.

Eliminate stress

Stress is another reason for keeping people awake at night. Whether you’re struggling at work or home life is getting you down for one reason or another, it’s important to eliminate stress as much as possible before bed. This might be something simple like turning off your mobile phone so that work can’t contact you, or even making sure that you and your loved one don’t go to bed on a bad note.

Write down your worries

Finally, a great way of drifting off faster and easily is by writing down whatever is plaguing your mind. This is a tried and tested way of being able to stop worrying and simply allowing your body to sleep. The method works because your brain knows you won’t accidentally forget about something important, and it’s also a way of letting out your troubles. Try it for an easier night of sleep!

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