How To Find your Niche!

Finding your niche!!

I can help you find your niche!!

When I started my blog my blog I thought “I’m going to make my blog about beauty, hair products, fashion, and makeup. Anything to do with beauty, you name it I’m going to blog about it!!”

How I Found My Niche

I laugh about it because I was SO WRONG. Instead, I find myself blogging about my everyday life. Now my everyday life does include makeup, hair and beauty products but that’s not what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about finding fun activities to do with my son. Getting to spend the time I do with him playing with his toys, making jokes that crack him up and giving him tickle attacks. Being able to go online find cool activities or recipes I know he will enjoy making is my main and favorite part of the day. I look back and laugh because even though being a beauty blogger would be fun, I found more joy out of blogging about being a mom.




My advice when trying to find your niche is to do something you are passionate about. Sure, you may like fashion and beauty but what is it that you do every day? It may be kind of hard to blog about something you do not do on a regular basis. Or it may not be hard at all! Everyone is different, however, I found it easier to write about the activities I’ve done with my son through the day instead of about beauty products I haven’t even tried.

An example, boyfriend Colton is a nerd, not just any nerd but a HUGE NERD. He loves anything and everything that involves games, so I helped create a blog about games. He loves writing about games, and many times he finds himself writing late into the night because he is so into his blog. Find something you are passionate about and run with it! I hope I have helped you find what niche will work best for you. Let me know in the comments what your niche is!!

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