How I Became a Groupie for Bart Crow!

Bart Crow

My brother is a huge fan (biggest fan “girl” I have ever seen). He has been to 4 or five of his concerts in the last 4 couple of months. On December 27 (my birthday) I was spending the evening at my brother and sister in law’s house because she was cooking me her famous enchiladas. While indulging in their cheesy goodness they told me they were attending a concert December 29th to see the famous Bart Crow and I was invited. I made a couple of arrangements and bam was able to attend. Since it was 3 hours away from the house we decided to get a hotel room. I was excited and thrilled the concert was great with us ending with everyone singing Wear my Ring which is my favorite song by them!!


At the first concert I attended we met the drummer of the band, Daniel, and since my brother had been to multiple shows they offered us free tickets for whenever we wanted to drive out and watch them!! WHATTTT FREE TICKETS! I was stoked and have tried to attend every concert I can since then! And this is how your normal average everyday blogger became a Bart Crow Groupie!

After the concerts, the whole band will come over and greeted us. We have been given drumsticks, guitar picks,  and jello shots from the band. We love them and hope you can listen to their music and enjoy it too! Kind-hearted people who can put on one heck of a show!

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