Getting In Shape After Having A Baby


Having a baby puts a lot of strain on your body. After you’ve given birth, it’s unlikely that your body will completely return to its pre-pregnancy state but you can get pretty close. You’ll put on a lot of weight while you’re pregnant and you’re probably keen to get rid of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. If you’re struggling to get in shape after giving birth, here are a few tips to help you along the way.


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Manage Expectations


We’ve all seen celebrities in magazines with a perfect figure just months after giving birth. If you’re basing your own weight loss goals on that, you’re going to be disappointed because that’s an exception. Losing all of your baby weight in just a few months isn’t possible for most people so you need to set more realistic goals. It’s probably going to take you at least a year to get back to the weight you were before the pregnancy so don’t get disheartened and give up if you aren’t there after a couple of months. Having realistic expectations about how long this is going to take will make the whole process a lot easier.




If you are desperate to get your old figure back and you don’t want to work at it for a year, you can always consider surgery. A lot of women worry about their breasts and the effect of breastfeeding. If that’s a big problem for you, you can get a breast augmentation procedure to reverse the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. You could also consider having surgery around the stomach area to tighten things up again, particularly if you’ve managed to lose a lot of the weight and you’ve got a lot of loose skin.


Start Slow


It’s tempting to start a rigorous exercise regime to shift that weight as quickly as possible but you’ve got to remember that your body has been through a lot of stress. It will take a while for you to fully recover from the effects of childbirth so you need to take it easy. Start out with low impact exercises, even taking a brisk walk is a good starting point. Then you can gradually work up to more intense exercise as your body starts to heal. It’s also important that you listen to the advice of your doctor and follow their guidance on what your body can and can’t handle. Swimming is definitely something you should avoid immediately after giving birth because there is a big risk of infection.


Avoid Dieting


Normally, losing weight requires a good diet, but it’s a different story if you’ve just given birth. You’ll need to take on a lot of extra calories if you’re breastfeeding and if you’re sticking to a strict diet then you won’t be taking in anywhere near enough calories. This can have a negative impact on you and the milk that you’re feeding your baby. Make sure that you’re eating healthy food but don’t cut down on the amount that you eat too much.


Losing weight after having a baby is going to be a long process so always remember to be patient and take it slow.

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