First Real Estate Sale

Being a realtor in Texas has been an interesting adventure for me! My first sell was with my parents (what would we do without our parents). They were wanting to purchase a condominium! “Yay a condo will be fun and such a learning experience!” I remember thinking. And a learning experience it was. My broker had been in business I want to say 15-20 years and never had done a condominium sell before. At this point I was curious as to what exactly I was getting myself into. We looked at about five different places when we they found their (and my) dream vacation spot! “This is it, this is great now all we have to do is agree on a price!” is what I thought after my parents confirmed they are wanting to purchase the condo! With an ocean front view, two stories, a heat pool, and a great amount of grass area for their dogs. It was perfect!

I filled out the contract, learned about HOAs, monthly dues to maintain the yard, and any special provisions my parents or the sellers wanted. After many phone calls, stressful conversations, and unagreeable terms we finally got everything settled! I received a phone call letting me know my clients are able to purchase the condominium!! I learned so much, and feel that my first sell turned out pretty good. 😊

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