Fascina Wine Opener

Wine opener

Research says millennials drink wine so much they are changing the way wine is sold. I guess you would say I am part of that time frame. I love wine. I try to drink a glass a day. I like the phrase “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”. Except for me a glass a day is times three. Wino is my nickname. I’m not an alcoholic, I promise, but there are days I just want to sit and relax with a glass or two… or three. As most of you can relate. With being a parent and going to school full time, sitting at home with that tasty refreshment is well refreshing and well deserved. You don’t have to be a heavy drinker to enjoy wine. You can taste test wine and even taste it with cheese. With all of that being said this bottle opener is the perfect option for anyone that wants to pop open that perfect sweet or tasty refreshment.

The Ozeri Fascina Wine opener is a well-used product in my house. It is great. It includes a foil cutter so I can remove the wine bottle seal very easy. It is very simple to use. After I remove the wine bottle seal I place the wine opener on top of the bottle top and press “down” on the wine opener to activate the cork removal process. After I press down, I press up to get the cork out of the wine bottle and then you are done. Enjoy your amazing bottle of wine with the single press of a “down” an “up” button. The wine opener can open 60 bottles on a single battery set. It requires 6 AAA batteries however, it is included in the purchase of the Ozeri Fascina wine opener. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this product in the comments!

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