Fancy A Pristine Home And A Pooch To Boot?

You could argue that a dog can complete any family home. That’s undoubtedly true from an emotional standpoint. Nothing quite beats returning home to a wagging tail. Sadly, though, that’s often where the dog-based home benefits lie.


Many dog owners find that their interior efforts go awry once they bring a pooch home. Suddenly, sofas are scratched, carpets get chewed, and even wallpaper is ripped off the wall. It’s frustrating, and it can quickly see your interior dreams down the drain. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. We’re true believers that you can have a pristine home and a pooch to boot. 


All you need is consider when and why your pet is doing damage. In most cases, destructive behavior originates from separation anxiety when dogs are left alone. If you can’t stand the thought of those claws shredding your wallpaper, then, you simply need to consider the following before leaving your dog alone.


Set boundaries early

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Start setting home boundaries the moment you bring your dog home. If they’re never allowed on the sofa, for instance, it’s unlikely they’ll get up there when you aren’t around. The same applies for rooms you want to keep safe. With proper training, then, you can keep entire rooms of your house 100% protected from any doggy damage at all times. Until then, you may have to make do with unsightly gates in certain areas. Over time, though, you should be able to take them down without any risks to your favorite decor.


Use toys for distraction


Toys are an age-old method of distraction for dogs across the world. Simple things like treat toys or brain teasers can keep a pooch distracted for hours. With these, you won’t even need to worry about their attention falling to your much-less-fun sofas. Bear in mind that you will want to keep treats like these on a hard floor to avoid carpet damage. Aside from that, these are often the ideal solution. Even when you’re out for extended periods, your dog will wear themselves out so much they probably won’t have the energy to destroy once the treats are gone.


Consider medication


No one wants to medicate their dog when there’s no need. It certainly seems harsh to expose your dog to medicines just to keep your home safe. In the case of separation anxiety, though, this damage is about more than just your house. If your dog is incredibly destructive, it means they’re suffering. And, medication could make life easier for them and your decorations. It’s now possible to buy CBD, and this may be a good option for a natural anxiety medication to start. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might want to consider prescription-based options like Clomicalm and Reconcile.


If you’ve had a bad experience with four-legged destruction of your decor before, some nerves about leaving your dog home alone are natural. When you put these pointers in action, though, you should soon find that there’s no need to worry.

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