Easy Ways To Modernise Your Home

Bought a house that hasn’t been decorated since the 1970s? Inherited a home from an elderly relative that needs some serious modernising? It can be difficult to know where to start with modernising an old fashioned home, but there are some easy tricks to help pull your home into today.



Freshen Up The Kitchen

An old-fashioned kitchen can instantly make your home look dated, but ripping out and replacing the whole kitchen is a time-consuming and expensive fix. There are ways to spruce up the kitchen with a more modern look without having to start from scratch.


Leave the carcass of the cabinets in place and instead, replace the cabinet doors with something more modern. If that’s still out of your budget, you could also just repaint cabinet in a fresh, modern colour. Replace cabinet and drawer handles with an on trend style and the kitchen will look much fresher.



Modernise The Bathroom

You don’t need a new bathroom suite to give the bathroom a new lease of life. Give tiles and fixtures a deep clean to brighten them up. If you can’t replace an old-fashioned suite, add more modern touches to the bathroom decor with new shower curtains, towels and even a new toilet seat.


Give the walls a fresh coat of paint to lighten things up. You could even try painting the tiles with a tile safe paint if they’re truly terrible.



Light It Up

A dark, dingy home will always feel more dated than a light, bright one. Swap out bulbs for brighter ones, and invest in some more lamps to bring more light to dark corners. Create different moods in different spaces with the shades of light you choose. Go for bright white bulbs in the kitchen, but pick warmer tones for cosy living rooms or bedrooms.



Dress Up Your Windows

Your windows can be a quick win to modernise the home. Ditch any grandma style lace or net curtains, and get rid of anything tired and faded looking.


You could swap curtains for blinds or roman shades in some rooms for a more modern look. Blinds create a more streamlined look, which will modernise any window.




Dingy paint won’t do your home any favours. Repaint the walls in your home in a fresher, lighter colour to make the house feel airier and newer. Paler hues make the rooms feel larger, as do larger prints on wallpapers.


Freshen up paint on doors too throughout the home too to bring more lightness, and change door handles for something more on trend. If you have wood floors, sand and refinish them to bring back their former glory.



Create Space

Older homes often have the advantage of high ceilings, but can have smaller rooms than homes built more recently. Create the illusion of more space by choosing furniture wisely. Lose any large, bulky pieces like heavy wardrobes or dressers, and instead choose more slim-line pieces in lighter woods.


Experiment with different furniture layouts to see what helps create the most open space and ease of moving around the rooms. Add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.


Embrace the high ceilings and draw the eye upwards to show off the height. Pull the eye to a higher point in the room by hanging curtain rails a little higher above the window, choosing a dramatic lighting fixture or hanging artwork a little higher on the wall.


Think about how you’re likely to use rooms. Give yourself more space by making the most of the rooms you have and turn them into spaces you’ll actually use. Ditch the dining room in favour of a man cave, or switch a spare bedroom for a study.



Use House Staging Tricks

Take some tips from the pros and use tricks used by real estate agents for staging houses for sale.


Hang modern artwork, but hang it correctly. Choose a piece that is the right size for the wall, and hang it at the right height. Higher ceilings can take higher art, but in general stay at eye level, and fill the space to avoid the art looking lost on the wall.


Avoid rugs that float in the room. Lay a large rug in the lounge with a funky pattern, or in a bright colour and make sure it’s anchored under the feet under the furniture. At minimum, the front two feet of the sofa should be on the rug. This creates a space that feels cosy, and the rug doesn’t look lost.


The easiest trick? Declutter and keep the house clean and tidy for an instant fresher feel.


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