Easy Home Heating Hacks



Now that the home is suitably cold every day and you find yourself wrapping up in more and more layers every evening, it’s time to start thinking about heating up the home. January is the coldest month of the year and it is always met with harsh winds, snow and lots of rain. When you come home you will want to be surrounded by warmth and with these easy hacks you will be.


Insulate everything


Insulate your walls, insulate your roof, insulate your floor, insulate your cow…wait, we’re getting mixed up with Mulan here. Anyway, if there is a place in your home right now which currently has no insulation: fill it up! Insulation is what protects the home from the cold outside as well as locking in the heat to stop it from escaping through the walls. Heating is super expensive and insulation can bring down your bills by a country mile.


Cook slow cooker meals


Is there really any reason why you wouldn’t want to cook a warming stew this winter? Slow cooker meals like these are exactly what you need in the cold, damp weather and they have the added benefit of warming the whole house up with them. If you place everything in a pot and cook it in the oven for a few hours you will be making some amazing food while keeping the whole house toasty too!


Secure the doors


One of the things which a lot of people don’t think about when they are doing up their home is to secure the doors and make sure there aren’t any gaps in the window frames. This is super important for heat conservation because when there are gaps in doors and windows the cold air can get into the home much more easily. This is why you should always use draught excluders if you can to keep the heat locked in.


Light candles


If you want to spread some calming scents and bring a nice atmosphere to the home as well as keep it warm, candles are your best friend. Candles can be a cheap way to heat the house up in the evenings and they will provide a soft glow of light to help you all settle down and feel relaxed at the end of the day. You can either choose lots of little tealights or buy one large festive candle which can sit on the mantelpiece. It can be the ideal thing to do to keep your home toasty and the family feeling cosy.


Get a better boiler

Sometimes the reason why your home isn’t staying warm can go beyond the regular explanations and it could be that your boiler is in need of fixing or being replaced. If you think your boiler is becoming weak you can call in All Hours Plumbing and HVAC water heating repair and they will be able to either fix your boiler or replace it to make sure your home can stay warm all season long.

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