Don’t Let Your Large Garden Swallow You Whole


For lots of people, a large garden is a status symbol worth having. It’s something that can easily be shown off to all guests and visitors, as it can easily deliver the wow factor. There’s just one problem with big gardens – they are incredibly hard work to maintain. Lots of people who move into big houses with equally large gardens often find that their new outside areas are quite overwhelming. After all, you need a lot of time and effort to keep them up to scratch.


Feeling like your large garden could swallow you whole? Here are some ways to stop it from doing that.


Split It Into Sections


The easiest way to tackle a large garden is to split it up into section. If each section has its own purpose than it will make it easier to know exactly how to look after it. For instance, a section that incorporates decking needs to be regularly cleaned down and varnished. Your vegetable patch will need plenty of fertilizer and maintained according to the season. This also gives you the chance to tackle each section at a time, which won’t seem as overwhelming as maintaining the whole garden at once.


Hire Some Help


Of course, if you really start to struggle with your garden and find that you don’t have enough time to dedicate it, you can always hire a professional gardener to come and give you a hand every now and then. If you check this link, you can get a free consultation today for some lawn-mowing services. That would be one less job for you to do. You can also hire gardeners to take care of your flowers, trees, and shrubs, and some will even come and do all of the hard work with your veg patch!



Target The Weeds


One of the main issues with large gardens is that the weeds can sometimes seem to take over and it’s as if no amount of de-weeding can get rid of them! The main reason this happens is because the garden has been neglected for so long. Even if you do little more than target the weeds, you will notice that your outdoor areas very much improve. In fact, just tackling the weeds could be the only job you end up doing in your large garden – it really does make all the difference!


Watch Out For Wildlife


Something else you will have to contend with in your large garden is the wildlife that might come to try and eat your flowers and veggies. If possible, you should make some homemade traps to kill bugs, like slugs and snails. Using these kinds of traps are a lot safer for your health and for the environment compared to chemical pesticides. If you continue to have issues with wildlife, you could always hire an expert to deal with it for you.


Hopefully, all of the tips above can help you get to grips with your large garden. Then it shouldn’t seem like it could swallow you whole at any minute!

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