Disney World – Animal Kingdom

What an experience Disney World – the Animal Kingdom was! It was a day filled with beautiful mayhem and honestly, I am not sure how we all survived it. We ended up with three fast passes so the first one we used it on was the “It’s Tough to be a Bug” 3D Theatre. It has the characters of A Bug’s Life, which educations the children of how bugs live and interact with each other. A lot of the film is just pure entertainment so the silly sound effects are what my son loved the most about it. He was not sure about the spiders dropping from the ceiling, however, we muscled past the scary spiders and found excitement out of all the other animals. There was a lot of interactive moments with the kids which have made it one of the biggest attractions in the Animal Kingdom. When traveling to Florida I knew our trip would not be complete without traveling blanket which we picked out from The Hiking Guy. We were able to decide which blanket would fit our needs making us more comfortable. 

After It’s Tough to be a Bug we ventured into the Lion King performance. It was incredible, the singers, dancers, actors, gymnastic performances. Everything about this play was magnificent. The way to performers interacted with the guest was incredible, we felt in place sitting in the crowd. The leader singers and actors cut the room into four sections and when it was section ones turn they would make hog noises when it was section twos turn they would make giraffe noises when it was section threes turn they would make elephant noises and lastly section four would make lion noises. This show would defiantly be one of my first stops when I got back to the Animal Kingdom. Out of our whole trip, my favorite part was the Pandora layout. From the smells to the flying flowers, to the avatars and banshee it felt as if you were in the real world of Pandora. I would highly recommend everyone needs to go at least once. Please let me know your thoughts and comments.


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