Creating A Modern Living Room On A Budget

A stylish, modern living room is a dream to come home to. The perfect place to put your feet up after a long day, you want a space you can truly relax and feel comfortable in.

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If your living room feels a bit dated or dull, then it’s time to inject some new life into it – something that’s not always easy when your funds are stretched. Building the perfect living room setup can take time to get right, but it’ll certainly be worth it when you do.


Take a look at some inspired ideas to create a modern living room on a budget.

Strip back the floor

While you can’t beat the feeling of soft carpet under your feet, they’re easy to ruin and will need replacing in ten or even five years’ time. A hard floor, however, looks much cleaner, more modern and is easy to maintain. If you have hardwood floors under your carpet, then you’re already onto a winner, but if not then there are some affordable flooring options that will create a chic, glamorous look that you can adapt your decor around whenever you feel like making changes.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can work miracles in your living room, instantly upgrading it and allowing you to try out modern looks without spending much money. Popular living room color ideas include white, greys and other neutrals, although greens are also starting to come back this year. While you could brave a more vibrant color, remember that you’ll have more flexible decor options if you stick to something more neutral.

Find affordable, on-trend furniture

Finding the right living room furniture is one of the hardest parts of redecorating, as you’ll want to invest in quality furniture that is comfortable and suits your taste. It can feel disheartening to see the prices of some furniture pieces, but if you’re willing to shop around, then you can pick up some great deals. If you shop for furniture during sale season, for example, you could easily pick up some bargains on top-quality furniture which doesn’t go out of fashion like clothing does.


There are also some amazing websites that sell furniture at discounted prices. Even your friend with the best taste in living room chairs will be impressed with the types of things you can buy online, so make sure you shop around to help you find the best deal. Another alternative for budget interiors is to buy your furniture used. For wooden products like a dining table, for example, you could pick up some extremely well-made, durable pieces for less than if you bought them new.

Create a clean, minimal aesthetic

Modern living rooms are neat, minimal and have a Scandinavian influence that oozes sleek, contemporary living. If you look at minimalist living rooms, you’ll see that they look open and airy – which is largely because of everything having its place. Focus on making your living room clutter-free – it’ll completely change the look of your space. Invest in storage furniture which looks great but is able to hide things away and try adding shelves to keep things off the floor and on the walls instead.

Don’t splash out on high-end accessories

You might be tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on a stylish lamp, but is it the best thing for your finances? You can make your money stretch further by buying your home accessories online. Some of the best places to buy affordable home accessories include Wayfair, H&M and Amazon, allowing you to mimic designer looks for less. If you’re going to pick something to invest a bit more money in, make sure you focus on your textiles instead – rugs and throws in luxurious fabrics can make a great impression, and they’ll last much longer when they’re made from high-quality materials.

Make your home a smart home

Turning your home into a smart home is another way you can adopt modern living, and save yourself some money in the long-term too. Smart homes can be stylish and there are some great living room items you can buy that look impressive, but also have some amazing features. Focus on turning your home into a smarter home to boost your finances while helping the environment.


Your new modern living room will be one of the most-loved and most-used in your home, so make sure you get it exactly how you want it. Make the most of it by having friends and family over this summer and enjoy showing off your stylish new space.

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